The outdoor lamps that will transform your alfresco dining table this summer – 6 of the best to shop right now

Forget candles; these outdoor lamps are the new 'it' way to light up your garden

The Arnold Small Battery Outdoor Table Lamp from Lime Lace
(Image credit: Lime Lace)

Once upon a time, we relied on candles (and torches) to light up our al fresco dining tables – but now a new wave of wireless outdoor lamps is set to change all of that, thanks to their oh-so-easy, oh-so-convenient, and oh-so-stylish twist on garden lighting.

Easily one of the year's best garden trends so far, wireless outdoor lamps – sometimes also known as rechargeable lamps – capture the look and feel of all of our favourite indoor lighting, while remaining completely portable.

The result? An illuminated outdoor space that's free of messy wires and charging stations, allowing its hyggelig glow to transform our garden table into the warm and inviting space it has always deserved to be.

Best wireless outdoor lamps 2024

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Anyone hoping to inject some new life into their outdoor dining space will definitely want to think about ditching their citronella candles in favour of... well, of a distinctly more modern garden idea.

'Gone are the days when the only way to light up your outdoor space was with a wired, often badly-positioned outdoor light,' says Ideal Home's senior digital editor, Jenny McFarlane

'Wireless outdoor lamps offers endless possibilities and can be taken wherever you need a little extra light, from adding ambience with a soft, warm glow at an outdoor seating area to lighting up your favourite trees or plants. Not only are they the epitome of convenient but they're also a super sustainable, energy-saving choice!'

With that in mind, then, here's our pick of the best wireless outdoor lamps:


Why should I buy a wireless outdoor lamp?

Setting aside all of those scaremongering headlines about scented candles posing a health risk, there are so many reasons to consider buying a wireless outdoor lamp – not least of all because they offer a stylish way to control the lighting levels at your next al fresco dinner party.

'We’re loving our new Rechargeable Lights for SS24,' says Sian Foxworthy, buyer for Home Accessories at Homebase. 'Not only are they perfect for the garden, but they’re great indoors too!'

That's right: if you pick the best wireless lamp for you home, you'll be pleased to know that you can reap the benefits of its portable and clutter-free vibes wherever you are, be it inside or out.

Outdoor seating around firepit with festoon lighting

(Image credit: Future PLC / Dominic Blackmore)

'They add a lovely atmosphere to any space,' continues Sian, 'and, if you pick one with a dimmable setting, as seen on Homebase's range of rechargeable lights, you can have a well-lit space for hosting, or a more intimate, close feeling in your garden.'

Are battery powered outdoor lights any good?

If you want to light up your garden table all year round, whether it's sunny out or not (and, let's face it, this is the UK, so it's more likely to be not), then a rechargeable or battery-powered outdoor light is probably better for you than a solar option.

Alternatively, you can muddle the two and opt for something like the Arnold Small Battery Outdoor Table Lamp from Lime Lace, which boasts a rechargeable battery that can be charged via its solar element.

'This means it can be used as a table light outdoors, but also on the windowsill in the house,' explain the Lime Lace team. 'Wherever there is a lack of sockets, essentially.'

How long do battery operated lamps last?

Your wireless outdoor lamps will, depending on the type of batteries used, last for around 8-12 hours on average. Which is, in our opinion, more than enough time for an outdoor dinner party!

Personally, we have a feeling that the wireless outdoor lamps trend is going to outlast 2024. How could it not, when it means less fiddling about with matches and lighters, and more time spent enjoying the well-lit faces of your nearest and dearest?

If you'll excuse us, then, we're nipping to the shops for a bit. Race you to the checkouts!

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