This space-saving shoe rack from Amazon has been popping up all over TikTok and Instagram – and its price took us by surprise

It’s perfect for tiny hallways!

Yamazaki Tower Shoe Rack
(Image credit: Amazon)

Hallways are notorious for lacking in the space department, whether they are narrow or just small in every possible aspect. Which is why clever space-saving solutions are always in high demand. And we just found the best small hallway-friendly tower shoe rack on Amazon.

In all fairness, we can’t take the full credit for discovering this shoe storage idea as the Yamazaki Tower Shoe Rack from Amazon has been consistently popping up all over our social media in the last year or so as influencers like Maddie Borge (@maddieborge on TikTok) - who was among the first to rave about this vertical shoe organiser and has included it in a round-up of her favourite products for small flats - clearly have to deal with the issue of tiny hallways too. It’s not all glamour after all.

But just as we were getting on board with this small hallway idea, we found out the price – £69.82! And while we know it’s not crazy expensive, it gave us pause as for what it is, we expected a more budget-friendly price point. Did you?


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Space-saving Amazon tower shoe rack

In terms of the shoe rack’s design, you pretty much can’t fault it. It’s simple but very clever. Made with white-coloured steel, the design is ultra light and comes with five tiers for storing your most worn pairs of shoes, as well as a top handle so that you can easily pick it up and move it.

While it is known as the Amazon shoe rack, it’s in fact by one specific company from Japan called Yamazaki Home, rather than being one of those white label products sold by multiple different brands like the viral Amazon mug stackers. Which is perhaps the reason why the shoe rack comes at a higher price. You can think of it as an alternative to Muji.

But despite the slight issue of the price, the Amazon reviewers can’t seem to be able to stop singing its praises. As one wrote, ‘I really love these. Being a men’s size 11 I was a little concerned after reading some of the reviews, but I managed to fit all of my trainers and shoes on just fine - even a pair of Caterpillar boots on the top rung. Very happy. They are pricey but worth it for a neat and good looking storage solution.’

Yamazaki Tower Shoe Rack

(Image credit: Amazon)

So would we still recommend this product? The bottom line is that it’s one of the best designed shoe racks that takes pretty much no precious hallway space and it's also a perfect addition if you need to fake a hallway, while also boasting a clean, minimalist look that’s portable on top of everything. And even though the price could be better, it’s still not extortionate.

So if a space-saving shoe storage is on your wish or need list, then we’re pretty sure you won’t regret purchasing this one.

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