I just discovered these genius laundry detergent sheets - they've saved me so much space in my tiny kitchen

If you're short on storage this laundry swap could be a game-changer

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If you have a small kitchen like me and hate the struggle of trying to find somewhere to stow a large bottle of laundry detergent, then I need to let you in on my latest space-saving secret - laundry detergent sheets. 

Once you've squeezed a washing machine into a small kitchen it doesn't leave you with much space for kitchen storage ideas to store groceries, crockery, pots and pans let alone organise a cleaning cupboard with laundry supplies. So as soon as I heard about laundry detergent sheets, which condense all the cleaning power of a bottle of detergent into the size of a thin envelope I had to try them.

I first stumbled upon laundry detergent sheets at the Clean and Tidy Exhibition in London. In the last few years, lots of brands have popped up with their own laundry sheets, even the well-known brand Dr Beckmann has launched their version called Magic Leaves Detergent Sheet. 

Laundry detergent sheets

The overarching aim of laundry detergent sheets is to offer a more eco-friendly alternative to regular bottles of laundry detergents. Using natural ingredients that have been condensed down into thin sheets that can be packaged in recyclable cardboard. 

Laundry detergent sheets

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Each sheet equals a dosage, which you can adjust by tearing the sheet in half or adding an extra one to a load. The reduced size means as well as saving space in your cupboard, they save space in delivery vans, cutting down on their carbon footprint.

'These biodegradable sheets dissolve in hot, cold and quick washes, with the condensed detergent providing a thorough clean for all your washing. They’re compatible with every type of washing machine and can be used for hand washing too,' explains Kieran Chauhan, Director and Co-Founder of The Green Company who launched a range of laundry sheets alongside other eco-friendly cleaning supplies. 

Laundry detergent sheets

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'Traditional detergents, including pods, powders, and liquids, often contain various chemicals, some harsh on fabrics and the environment,' adds Kieran.

'The convenience of laundry detergent sheets is unparalleled. Pre-measured and easy to use, they eliminate the mess and guesswork associated with liquid or powder detergents.

'Their versatility allows them to be split for smaller loads, a feature that pods lack and is often cumbersome with powders and liquids. Storage-wise, their slim design requires minimal space, making them ideal for homes with limited storage.'

These might sound like some pretty bold claims, but after trying them I'm completely converted. I bought The Green Company versions in Fragrance-Free to try out myself (you can receive a 4-load sample for 95p).

A 64 loads pack turned up in a box no bigger than a notebook, it was so slim I could tuck it between the gap in my washing machine and worktop. But they had the same cleaning power as the Ecover and Persil laundry liquids I usually use, and my partner who has sensitive skin was also impressed by how gentle it was on his skin. 

Laundry sheets in box

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The downside...

However, these laundry sheets do come with two significant drawbacks. The first is the available scents, the natural ingredients mean that they are limited in variety and scent strength. The Green Company only has three scents in their range: Fresh linen, Lavender and Fragrance-free. Even the most adventurously scented Brands such as Wablu have stuck to just two scents in Spring Floral and a Very Berry version

Then there is the price. Most laundry sheets come in at double the price of their laundry-washing liquid counterpart. My pack of 64 sheets from The Green Company cost me £14.95 with postage, working out at almost 3p a wash. Dr Beckmann's are the cheapest version I've found at 25 sheets for £4.99, but they lack the same eco-friendly credentials as alternatives.

Still, it seems that shoppers have not been put off by any of this. Dr Beckmanns says it saw its Magic Leaves Detergent Sheet sales grow by 536.6% from 2022 to 2023.

Personally, even thought The Green Company laundry sheets might be more expensive than my old bottle of Ecover. It's a sacrifice I've decided to make for space-saving convenience and to get rid of another plastic bottle under my kitchen sink. 

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