Zoflora's new 'game-changer' cleaning product has shoppers running to Asda – and it's only £2

Fans are obsessed with the Mrs Hinch-approved cleaning brand's latest launch

Open shelf used to store cleaning supplies and a cleaning caddy
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Mrs Hinch-approved cleaning brand, Zoflora, has launched a brand-new product that we predict is the next big thing in the world of cleaning. Enter, Zoflora's concentrated pod, available to buy now for just £2 at Asda.

This year, the focus on reusing and refilling is bigger than ever. Nowadays, the best cleaning products on the market are often accompanied by their refill counterparts that are easy enough to bulk buy, helping you save money in the long run.

Now, Zoflora entered the game with their latest launch, bringing refills down to the mere size of a pod. If you love the scent of Zoflora, but do not want to cut down on plastic waste this is the best eco-friendly cleaning product for you. Fans are leading the praise train on Instagram, dubbing the concentrated pods 'genius' and a 'game-changer'.

Now available to purchase exclusively in Asda stores for just £2, Zoflora's new concentrated pod promises the same effective cleaning power as the brand's general multi-purpose cleaner – minus the packaging and added cost of buying a new spray every single time.

Simply pop the pod into an empty spray bottle, fill it with 750ml of warm water, shake it, and you've got a full-sized product all over again.

The concentrated pod comes in two of Zoflora's much-loved fragrances, Lemon Zing and Midnight Blooms. Needless to say, cleaning with these is one of the best ways to make a home smell nice without candles.

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Fans on Instagram are nothing less than obsessed with the new concentrated pods, with one commenter saying they're 'running to ASDA' to get their hands on some. Another dubs it a 'game-changer' and perfect to 'fit more under the sink'.

So, if you've ever struggled with organising under the sink (or even just organising cleaning cupboards, at that) we think these concentrated pods are guaranteed to be a favourable space-saving solution.

Open shelf used to store cleaning supplies and a cleaning caddy

(Image credit: Future PLC/Phil Barker)

As we mentioned, sustainability is quickly becoming a priority for countless brands, especially for 2024. So, we predict that we'll be seeing more of this kind of cleaning product make the rounds.

'Sustainability and a greener way to clean is now a key fundamental for any brand and is not only being discussed by retailers but now consumers,' begins Francesca Turner, senior brand product manager at Zoflora. Therefore, there was no better time than now to progress further with a plastic-free refill pod.

'The pod is a multipurpose product which not only disinfects but cleans and is in a handy, ready-to-dissolve pre-dosed pod,' she continues. The pod demonstrates our commitment to sustainability, something which will continue as the brand grows.'

Here's to an eco-friendlier 2024!

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