This Editor-loved Shark air purifier is currently reduced by an incredible £250

Shark's two top-performing air purifiers are currently under £100, just in time to battle summer allergies

Shark air purifier in lounge
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Whether you suffer from allergies or live in a polluted city centre most of us could benefit from investing in one of the best air purifiers in our homes. Especially, when one of our favourites, the Shark Air Purifier 6 HE600UK, is currently reduced by £250 to £99.99.

Air purifiers help to alleviate dust and pet and pollen allergies (a lifesaver for hayfever sufferers) and reduce airborne pollution. Our reviewer, Ecommerce Editor Molly Cleary, awarded the Shark Air Purifier four out of five stars, docking only one star due to the cost and lack of official HEPA certification.

But now it's priced at £100, it is honestly a steal and currently one of the cheapest air purifiers in our tried and tested buying guide. If you want to save even more, the slightly smaller Shark Air Purifier 4 HE400UK is currently reduced by £200 to just £79

Shark Air Purifier 6 HE600UKWas £349.99

Shark Air Purifier 6 HE600UK | Was £349.99, Now £99.99 

Currently reduced by an incredible £250, this Shark air purifier deal is not one to be missed. It was awarded an Ideal Home-approved badge for its ability to improve air quality in a large space in our at-home tests.

Shark Air Purifier 4 HE400UK |Was £279.99

Shark Air Purifier 4 HE400UK | Was £279.99 Now £79.99 

If you live in a small flat the smaller version of the Shark Air Purifier will be the one for you. It is smaller in shape and includes only 4 fans instead of 6

Both air purifiers include Clean Sense IQ which tracks the air quality to adjust the cleaning power and multi-staged filtration which removes and neutralises odours. Shark also claims that it captures 99.97% of pollutants and allergens at 0.3 microns.

'I tried the slightly larger version of this air purifier (the HE600UK) at home (and still have it now) in my open-plan kitchen/living room space,' says Molly, one of our in-house air purifier reviewers and experts. 'The difference between the 4 HE600UK and the HE400UK is that the latter has two fewer fans, and is a bit more small-space friendly. 

Shark air purifier in lounge

(Image credit: Shark)

'This Shark air purifier makes spending time on the sofa a lot more enjoyable after mealtimes, with it being capable of dealing with food smells really quickly, and a user-friendly interface that tells you how long it'll be until the air is of better quality,' she adds. 

'I live really close to a dual carriageway, and this air purifier is great for restoring my peace of mind when I get worried about the quality of the air I'm breathing when I'm at home. For way under £100, both of these shark air purifiers are a total steal right now if you've got similar concerns, or if you're dreading hayfever season already.'

We've shopped around and this deal is currently only available directly through Shark.

Molly Cleary
Molly Cleary

Molly is one of Ideal Home's Ecommerce Editors, and an expert in all things home appliance related. She's tried and tested all manner of products, from coffee machines to air purifiers, in order to tell you which one you should invest in for your home. She has tested the Beko TP6100I Air Purifier, which now lives in her bedroom full-time, and has just finished testing the Shark Air Purifier 6 HE600UK in her London flat. 

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