Victoria Beckham's clever but simple clothing organiser is the solution to finally retiring your messy 'clothes chair'

It's highly functional and perfect for small spaces

Victoria Beckham
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Victoria Beckham is an 'it' girl who needs no introduction. She's been pioneering some of the biggest trends in fashion since her Posh Spice days, so it's unsurprising that her taste in interiors is a force to be reckoned with, too.

On this occasion, it's her use of a freestanding clothes rail in her dressing room that has caught our attention. We first learnt of the rail's existence in the Beckham's Netflix documentary when David Beckham revealed he planned a week's worth of outfits on the rail. 

While many of us likely don't have the luxury of a larger-than-life walk-in wardrobe as the fashion guru does, there's still a sizable thing or two we can take to help us organise a wardrobe more efficiently.

You might be surprised to learn his clothing organiser is perfectly suited for smaller spaces. That's right, you can finally wave goodbye to the dreaded 'clothes chair' when getting ready, because this simple solution is here to get you organised.

Although a freestanding clothes rail may not be a ground-breaking discovery for many, it's often overlooked just how effective they are for streamlining the mayhem that often arises from getting ready.

Even Richard Joseph, co-founder of Joseph Joseph notes, 'When looking to maximise clothing storage, the right accessories can help you to use your space wisely, avoid chaos, and save time when getting ready.'

Painted Ikea Malm units and ceiling mounted clothes rail.

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We believe a lot of this overlooking happens because as Brits, we're certainly partial to a fitted wardrobe more than anything. 'Built-in wardrobes are very much a British look while in lots of other countries, freestanding clothes rails are the norm,' remarks Simon Glanville, managing director at home storage specialists, A Place for Everything.

Vlatka Lake, storage expert at Space Station explains that as a result, we're missing out on a trusty organising secret. 'Freestanding clothes rails offer up the perfect storage solution for smaller spaces, contributing integral functionality whilst maintaining a sleek and streamlined aesthetic.'

Freestanding clothes rail storage unit in bedroom

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Yes, you heard that right. Freestanding clothes rails are the perfect small walk-in wardrobe – okay, let's be more realistic – small bedroom storage idea. 'They take up less room than your typical bulky furniture pieces and can be easily propped into a corner of a room or against a wall,' says Vlatka.

Not to mention, they utilise the concept of vertical space which is key for making small spaces appear bigger. Interior designer, Nicoelene Mausenbaum adds, 'Not only are clothes rails a mobile, efficient use of your space but they also maximise vertical storage, allowing you to easily access your favourite clothing or outerwear on the go without cluttering the room.'

Nicolene Mausenbaum
Nicolene Mausenbaum

Nicolene Mausenbaum has worked for many years as an interior designer on both commercial and residential projects. She specialises in holistic design, considering the wellness of the mind, body and soul, combining the practices of biophilic design, colour psychology, human biology and ergonomics in her designs.

White storage unit with cabinets and hanging rail against white wall, with plants and objects in green, yellow, pink, and white

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Of course, there's no talking about freestanding clothes rails without mentioning how they change the game by helping you better plan outfits and organise your clothing and accessories. Since they're fully open and accessible, there's no need to dig through bouts of stored-away seasonal clothes in your drawers to find what you're looking for.

'They are a popular choice amongst many celebrities and interior design experts, and we can see why,' notes Vlatka. So, who better than the Victoria Beckham to be championing one? That being said, what better reason to opt for one than to follow in her footsteps, too?

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'Stylish and yet highly functional, freestanding clothes rails offer the perfect place to display a curated collection of your favourite clothing, helping to inject a sense of luxury and personality into a room,' further adds Vlatka.

Simon even notes that because of the ability to curate a fashionable display that is personal to you, they bring a 'luxe' factor and a little bit of Hollywood glamour to the bedroom – especially in the absence of a separate dressing room, like Victoria Beckham's.

Space-saving and stylish? Yeah, you can sign us up.

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