Take a tour around this Victorian villa in south London

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  • ‘A lot of dancing takes place in this house,’ says one of the owners of this stunning Victorian villa. But how could it not, when the family has two performance-ready stages? ‘There’s one in the living room and one in the garden. Plus, we have the ability to turn the ceiling lights into the nightclub mode at the flick of a switch!’

    Along with the structural changes, they were delighted with the design tweaks suggested by the designer to improve the way the house worked. These including moving the entrance of the bathroom to provide more privacy. Before, the door opened straight from the hallway on to the bed.

    The bulk of the renovation spending went on practical elements because they wanted a home that was ‘solid, with no dribbly showers’. This meant saving money where they could on the interior decor. ‘When it comes to buying items for our home, I watch the pennies,’ says one of the owners, ‘whereas my husband is more extravagant, but between us, we get it done.’

    Mirrored acrylic skirting on the ground floor and around the base of the couple’s bed sets a luxe tone that’s repeated throughout the house – in the golds and blacks of their artwork, the deep-pile carpets and rugs and the choice of jewel-rich furnishings in the living room.

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