This 4-in-1 coffee machine is compatible with pods and ground coffee – and less than £100 on Amazon

This might be the most hardworking and versatile coffee machine yet!

KOTLIE Espresso 4in1 Coffee Machine
(Image credit: Amazon)

Choosing a coffee machine comes with a couple of challenges - the often high cost that comes with them and having to commit to one type or brand of coffee, whether that’s Nespresso pods or ground coffee, depending on what you go for. But we just found something that solves that issue – the KOTLIE Espresso 4 in 1 Coffee Machine.

We found this appliance on Amazon and were instantly intrigued by the premise of combining four different coffee machines into one – is this the best coffee machine you’ve ever heard of or what? That’s because it comes with four attachments which are compatible with some of the most popular forms of coffee – the Nespresso and Dolce Gusto capsules, ground coffee and coffee pods.

We don’t think that calling this machine revolutionary is at all an exaggeration. As long as it stands up to the test, of course, which we have yet to perform ourselves. But if it does and if we take the price point of only £99.96 into consideration, it’s a contender for our best pod coffee machines list.

A white kitchen with a vase of flowers, a framed art print and a pod coffee machine

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First look at Amazon’s 4-in-1 coffee machine

Even though we haven’t given the KOTLIE Espresso 4-in-1 Coffee Machine a try ourselves yet, many Amazon customers have as over 100 of these have been purchased just in the last month. And the shoppers can’t stop singing this machine’s praises.

One wrote, ‘To me this is a real game changer with its small footprint and the fact that you can use pods from different makers as well as ground coffee make it so versatile. I found it easy to use and the various options for coffee making are well explained. The machine makes very nice tasting coffee indeed.’

And this sentiment is pretty universal across the board. The only negative thing some people have said is that they don’t love the brown colourway. But for £30 extra, you can buy the KOTLIE Espresso 4-in-1 Coffee Machine in black if the brown bothers you too.

‘I'm very intrigued by the look of this coffee machine, which looks like an all-in-one filter and pod coffee machine, which is also compatible with Dolce Gusto and Nespresso pods,’ says Molly Cleary, Ideal Home’s Kitchen Appliances Editor who was first to discover this coffee machine.

‘That means that in a small unit, you've got the chance to experiment with plenty of different types of coffee and pods, making it a good starter machine. We haven't tested this machine (yet) so I can't vouch for the quality, but I like the idea. It certainly makes a standard pod coffee machine seem a lot less versatile in comparison!’

In short, we simply can’t wait to get our hands on this machine!

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