Cameron Diaz is championing this vintage tableware trend experts say is 'having a resurgence'

Pair your annual 'The Holiday' rewatch with this stylish trend

Cameron Diaz
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A-Lister Cameron Diaz has long been associated with the Christmas season, thanks to festive fave flick, The Holiday. And now, the actress turned cooking-obsessed celeb is inspiring us to update our tableware with this returning kitchen trend – vintage mix-and-match plates.

In an Instagram post where Cameron Diaz shared her favourite seasonal pear cake recipe, we spotted her charming mix-and-match plates and it's a look we've already seen making a comeback as part of the vintage-inspired tableware trend

'Vintage-inspired and regal-esque ceramicware is once again having a resurgence,' says Alison Howell, design and development manager at English pottery company, Burleigh. Cameron is the celebrity at the head of this emerging trend with her gorgeous patterned prep bowls taking pride of place in the video.

Mixing and matching tableware is something we've seen coming through strongly as one of this year's home entertaining trends, as a way to set the tone for a small get-together or dinner party. But, as Cameron Diaz shows, we can also have fun with our tableware during the earlier stages of prepping and cooking.

'As the hosting season begins during the festive season, use your tableware to bring colour and pattern into your home, creating a vibrant display (for yourself) and for your guests,' advises Alison.

Mix and match tableware on shelving

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'Mixing and matching tableware is an easy way to inject personality and fun into any setting,' assures Harriet Pringle, founder of homeware marketplace, Narchie. Pre-dinner party prep included.

Alison even remarks that at Burleigh, they are 'seeing customers buying multiple patterns and colours in one go, suggesting they're mixing and matching their favourite pieces and having fun creating their own unique set of luxury tableware.'

Vintage tableware set on set dining table

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What's more, you don't have to break the bank to get the look, as this tableware trend is easy enough to buy secondhand with no fuss. Not to mention, it adds to the vintage look (and they're a lot of fun to hunt down).

'I always love buying vintage and secondhand mismatched bowls because they can be used for food prepping, serving canapes and nibbles, pudding bowls, or for holding trinkets,' adds Harriet. 'This makes them multifunctional.'

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So, whether you're frantically food-prepping like Cameron Diaz or are looking to round up one-of-a-kind Christmas table decoration ideas, having a couple of bowls dotted around the house is a handy bit of home decor kit to have.

They'll not only serve as a jack-of-all-trades but will guarantee a vibrant display full of colour and pattern, with character at the forefront.

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