How to fake a pantry – 4 rules professional organisers swear by to get the look

When kitchen cupboard space is a premium, you've got to get savvy

kitchen pantry with white door and kitchen shelves
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Professional organisers give their top tips and clever tricks on how to organise kitchen cupboards to fake a pantry if kitchen storage space is a premium.

Kitchen decluttering and organising a pantry are consistently popular 'tap to tidy' topics on social media, and oftentimes, we see spacious, pristine kitchen pantry ideas filled with uniform containers and perfect labels. However, for many of us, that isn't reality.

If you're trying to organise a small kitchen, then you know full well that space can get pretty limited, but it's still possible to 'get the look' and fake a pantry – you just need to be a tad savvier when brainstorming kitchen storage ideas.

kitchen pantry with white door and kitchen shelves

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How to fake a pantry – 4 rules professional organisers always follow

'If you don't have a dedicated pantry, it's important to make the most of the storage space you do have, and having some simple systems in place will help to ensure you always know what you have in, avoiding unnecessary purchases,' explains TV and celebrity organising experts, Style Sisters.

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1. Utilise shelf space – shelf risers, under shelf storage, etc

'If you like the idea of having things close to hand easily visible then open shelves either wall mounted or free-standing are a great option, especially if cupboard space is at a premium,' explains Simon Glanville, managing director at A Place for Everything.

Don't be afraid to put those kitchen shelving ideas to work. 'Any space with shelves can be repurposed as a pantry – no matter the size of your kitchen,' says Dilly Carter, professional organiser and TV star.

open shelving in white panelled kitchen with vases

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Using tools such as shelf risers, like these ones from Amazon and under-shelf hanging storage like these, also from Amazon can help maximise the space you have.

2. Use clear storage boxes

The Style Sisters recommend 'clear acrylic boxes, which will help to bring some order to shelving.' These are their go-to small kitchen storage idea as you can easily see what's inside. There are plenty of options to browse on Amazon to suit what you're looking for.

Inside of a food storage cupboard with food stored in labelled clear containers

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'Clear containers work well for pasta and rice, while containers with a squared-off profile will make the best use of available cupboard space,' advises Simon Glanville at A Place for Everything.

'And don't forget when storing perishable foodstuff to label your containers on the underside to identify use-by dates.'

3. Label your storage containers

'Level up organisation with labels for each storage box, for example, one for savoury tinned food, herbs and seasoning etc,' advise the Style Sisters. This will make organising kitchen cabinets a lot less tedious.

Even better yet, you can even reduce food waste by not over-buying as you can clearly see what you still have left to use.

Wooden shelves lined with clear jars storing food, labelled

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4. Mobile kitchen trollies

This is a fun one and great for maximising space if you have a small kitchen layout. This Black 3-Tier Storage Trolley from Asda has plenty of good reviews and could do just the trick to help with kitchen storage, sitting affordably at £21.

rustic kitchen with red accents and wooden trolley

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Be smart and savvy with your kitchen storage solutions and you too can make your humble kitchen cupboard feel like a mini pantry.

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