What kitchen cabinetry colours work with brass hardware? The best combinations recommended by design experts

Incorporate luxurious brass finishes into your kitchen scheme with these gorgeous cabinet colour combos

Higham Furniture - Golders Green - Inset Handle Shaker Kitchen
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Small but mighty, handles have the power to transform the look of a kitchen and elevate a space from being ordinary to something extraordinary. Even the most budget-friendly kitchens can be given a serious upgrade with thoughtfully considered hardware - and brass is the most on-trend choice.

Antique and brushed brass handles have seen a resurgence in recent years throughout the home, but particularly in the kitchen. They look perfectly placed next to Shaker cabinetry, adding a vintage jewellery-like touch. But what kitchen cabinetry colours work with brass hardware? To achieve the ultimate stylish design, you'll need to carefully choose a kitchen colour scheme that complements your hardware.

Hardware choices are no longer an afterthought like they once were. ‘The colour of your cabinet hardware can have a significant impact on the look of your kitchen, so it’s worth thinking about colours and finishes from the beginning of the design process’, agrees Nicolle Whyte, design director at Olive & Barr.

What kitchen cabinetry colours work with brass hardware?

When it comes to adding that touch of metallic magic, Nicolle adds that brass is a great choice, ‘whether aged or polished, brass offers a classic, elegant look and pairs effortlessly with a range of colour schemes, making it a versatile choice’.

Richard Davonport, managing director at Davonport is also a firm fan of the brass trend which he believes has a unique longevity, ‘It is a timeless classic that will live much longer than one trend cycle and has a certain charm that other metallic finishes don’t offer.’

So, if brass handles are a ‘must-have’ at the top of the kitchen wish list, we’d like to know which kitchen colour schemes complement them perfectly. We gathered the kitchen industry’s leading design experts to give us their top choices for the perfect colour pairings.

1. Organic greens

Fresh green kitchen

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Green kitchens are here to stay and were seeing a range of shades grow in popularity across both classic and modern kitchen styles. Ally Dowsing-Reynolds, co-founder of Dowsing & Reynolds, suggests pairing brass with green for a classic feel, ‘Depending on how you want your kitchen to feel, there's a range of greens from herby sage to soft olive to the deepest forest shade. Brass is so versatile that pretty much any shade goes with it, but ones with a yellow undertone work best’.

Alex Main, director at The Main Company agrees. ‘Earthy greens like olive or sage can beautifully complement brass finishes, creating a calming and organic atmosphere. This pairing evokes a sense of nature and tranquillity, making the kitchen feel welcoming.’

2. Wood

Warm wood kitchen cupboards with marble backsplash

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The wood kitchen trend is growing rapidly and timber offers a beautifully juxtaposed contrast to polished brass. Nadine Rowley, marketing manager at Nolte Kitchens UK says, ‘For an elevated space that oozes sophistication, matching brass handles with dark oaks and glass cabinetry with integrated lighting. The lighting creates a warm hue ambience that helps a space feel considered and cosy.’

Tom Revill, creative director of Plank Hardware adds, ‘2024 is the year of eco-friendly, warm wood kitchens, leaving behind traditional all-white kitchens.’ He suggests that brass handles are the perfect choice when embracing this trend, ‘They complement warm wood tones beautifully and are on-trend in contemporary kitchen designs.’

3. Earthy taupe

Sage green shaker kitchen with reeded glass cabinet.

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As an alternative to cooler grey shades, Claire Garner, director of Claire Garner Interiors, recommends embracing warm earthy tones for your cabinets. ‘For a more classic aesthetic, pairing brass with earthy, muted colours like taupe, pale brown, or creamy white can achieve a timeless and stylish contrast.’

She also suggests pairing these colours with period-style handles. ‘Vintage-inspired cup pulls and knobs are also making a comeback, adding a touch of nostalgia and classic style to kitchen designs.’

4. Light neutrals

Higham Furniture - Golders Green - Inset Handle Shaker Kitchen

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Many of us want to keep our kitchen décor as bright and airy as possible, maximising natural light with the reflective properties of white kitchen cabinets or warmer shades of cream & beige.

Helen Lord, founder of ReHome, suggests these go-to classic kitchen colours as a canvas for brass handles. ‘Neutral colours such as white, cream, beige, and grey provide a timeless backdrop that allow brass finishes to shine without overwhelming the space. These hues create a sense of sophistication and elegance while complementing the warmth of brass effortlessly.’

5. Dramatic black

Black and white shaker kitchen

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Consider a black kitchen scheme to accentuate your choice of hardware and don’t be afraid to take inspiration from your wardrobe.

‘Place brass handles on black units to create the ultimate dramatic statement—glamorous, opulent, and quite daring for a kitchen despite being a classic outfit combination. Think of brass kitchen handles like the jewellery you would add to an outfit’, Ally suggests.

6. Inky blues

blue kitchen diner

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Cris Sega, sales designer at Tom Howley, suggests blue kitchens offer a classic pairing with brass hardware for a quintessentially British feel.

‘Dark and heritage-inspired colours such as inky blues and deep grey-blues are taking centre stage in my designs. They have a certain appeal and traditional English timelessness about them, especially when combined with burnished brass or matt gold handles and accessories which balance and brighten the moody look.’

7. Rich burgundy

Harvey jones shaker kitchen with red island

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Deep blues and rich greens are not the only heritage shades that work particularly well with brass says Darren Watts, showroom development and design director at Wren Kitchens. ‘Other deep shades such as burgundy can evoke a sense of sophistication and luxury when paired with brass.’

Rich reds and purples are experiencing a resurgence, but this time with a twist towards classic period-style feel rather than the high-gloss versions of a decade ago. ‘These deep, jewel-toned hues complement the warm, golden tones of brass, evoking a sense of luxury and refinement', says Claire Garner. Imagine rich burgundy paired with luxurious marble and ages brass for a touch of period grandeur.

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What kitchen cabinet handles are on trend?

‘Brass is still hugely popular in kitchen design, but we are starting to see an evolution of the finish of this material when it comes to kitchen use, as aged brass takes over. Adding a touch of old school glamour in the kitchen, aged brass is unlacquered and allowed to naturally patina over time’, says Richard Davonport.

Several of our experts agree that trends are shifting towards a vintage influence. ‘Anything that looks at home in a farmhouse-style kitchen to fit the Cottage-Core trend. Scoop handles or those with a distressed finish to go with the heritage look are popular at the moment’, adds Ally. She also reminds us that were not stuck with our choice of hardware as trends evolve, ‘The beauty of kitchen handles is that you can swap and change them to change the feel of your kitchen’.

What kitchen cabinet colours are on trend?

‘We’ve seen more earthy tones move into kitchens as people seek a more relaxed environment. Warmer tones such as terracotta, rust and mustard yellow bring warmth and depth to a kitchen, evoking a laid-back atmosphere. Soft, warm-toned whites are becoming more popular, creating a light and airy feel to a room enhancing the brightness of a room without it feeling stark,' explains Darren Watts, showroom development and design director at Wren Kitchens.

Lastly, black has been gaining popularity as an accent colour throughout homes but particularly in kitchens. Whether through cabinetry, fixtures, or tiling, black adds contrast and drama to a space creating a bold and modern look’, Darren concludes.

So, there you have it! It's clear that this timeless and versatile trend is here to stay. Whether you're ready to make a bold statement or prefer to play it safe, brass proves to be the perfect companion for almost any cabinet colour.

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