Should you put a lamp in a kitchen? These 4 reasons will convince you to try it

The latest lighting trend is the fastest way to make your kitchen feel homely and lived in

Kitchen with marble worktop and open shelving with lamp
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Lamps are in the middle of a super stylish renaissance, and we're joining the bandwagon looking for every free corner of our homes to squeeze another stunning pick into. The latest space we have our eye on? The kitchen. You might be right to wonder 'Should you put a lamp in a kitchen?' but once you give it a go, you won't turn back.

On the Ideal Home team desk, we're staunch believers in only turning the big light on if we really have to, so it's safe to say we're big fans of the new kitchen lamp trend. Adding varied kitchen lighting will make your cooking space feel warm and inviting, not to mention much easier to use when it's fully illuminated.

Whether you're looking for a small kitchen lighting idea that will work in the tiniest of rooms or you want to add light to lonely corners in a bigger space, a kitchen lamp is the essential you didn't know you needed. In case you need any more convincing, these styling and positioning tips are bound to sway you.

1. Wave goodbye to the big light

Kitchen with quartz-effect laminate worktop with upstand.

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Morally against turning on the big light? Us too. Task lighting is the perfect solution as it will still illuminate a kitchen without giving you a headache from a harsh overhead light.

A combination of pendant lighting for when you need serious illumination, wall lighting and lamps dotted around will create a softer scheme that is perfect for slow mornings and relaxed evenings.

'The best kitchen lighting schemes include a range of different types to allow you to illuminate this hub of the home. You can now make every space in your kitchen work for you – turn that awkward dark corner into a cosy reading snug or illuminate those high shelves to display beautiful cookbooks,' explains Jo Plant, head of design at Pooky.

2. Go for a rechargeable style

Kitchen with marble worktop and open shelving with lamp

(Image credit: Pooky)

One of the biggest pulls for purchasing a lamp for your kitchen is that it allows you freedom to move it around the space depending on where you need light - if you choose a rechargeable model.

'The rechargeables revolution allows you the freedom to now use stylish table lamps without the limitation of wiring,' Jo explains. If plug sockets in your kitchen are hard to come by then a rechargeable lamp is an excellent solution for any dark corners. You can even take it to the next level by adding a smart bulb that connects to Amazon Alexa for a truly hands-free experience.

3. Create a homely aesthetic

Utility room with green wall panelling and pooky table lamp on counter

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Although kitchen lamps are a functional addition that adds essential lighting to work surfaces, let's face it, they're an aesthetic choice too.

A kitchen is the heart of the home, so making it feel warm and inviting through decor will make the whole family want to use it as a spot to socialise and dine together. If you're a fan of traditional kitchens then opt for a classic shaped base and a fabric shade that brings pattern and colour into a design. Alternatively, for modern kitchens, a no-fuss metal lamp with a minimal base will sit subtly in the space.

4. Make WFH simpler

Banquette seating with striped cushions and an retro table with a yellow task lamp and laptop

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Most kitchens aren't used solely for cooking. They become a place for homework, evening drinks with friends, mid-week dinners, long Sunday brunches, and of course - working from home.

'Now that virtually everyone has to do a bit of WFH, kitchen tables, breakfast bars and all sorts of unlikely spaces now have to double as occasional offices. The cordless table lamp is ready to step up and create that instant desk lamp,' Jo adds.

After all, if you're using your kitchen table as a makeshift work-from-home desk then you will want to revert it to its former glory as soon as 5:30 pm hits. A table lamp is quick to tidy up and can be moved to a worktop, making your table ready for dinner time.

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Where to put a lamp in a kitchen

So you're sold on the idea of putting a lamp in your kitchen - but where should it go? There are some no-nos when it comes to positioning a lamp in a cooking zone, so here are some spots to avoid and preferable placements that might work better.

'If your lamp is wired, you're obviously limited by access to sockets, as you don't want wires trailing across your worktops. Wireless lamps are the perfect solution for this, as you have the freedom to pop them anywhere,' explains our Editor in Chief, Heather Young.

'Add a lamp to a dark corner to create a pool of light, and offer a warm glow. I love seeing a lamp on a breakfast bar, as it blurs the line between the functional kitchen and your living space, and it gives the bar a boutique restaurant or diner feel.'

We advise keeping lamps away from a hob or sink, so just make sure it's placed with enough room not to get in the way of these high-traffic areas.

What type of light should be in a kitchen?

Kitchen lighting might not be top of the agenda when you're thinking about designing your new space, but it's certainly one aspect of a layout that will have the biggest impact on the overall atmosphere and how functional it is to use.

So which type of light should you go for? A combination of wall lighting, pendants and lamps will create a dynamic design where there is light in all of the key areas.

'Hanging pendants in groups of threes can be particularly effective over kitchen islands and dining tables, because pendants are a great way of breaking up lines of kitchen cabinets and creating an impactful silhouette,' explains Charlie Bowles, director of Original BTC.

Have you been swayed by the kitchen lamp trend? It's one that is set to stick around, so it might be time to make a purchase.

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