Stacey Solomon trades in her all-white kitchen for this daring, on-trend colour scheme

It pleasantly surprised fans

Stacey Solomon
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If there's anybody who champions neutral interiors, it's Stacey Solomon. So, when we found out that she had gone to the other end of the spectrum and painted her kitchen black, we were very pleasantly surprised.

Stacey Solomon has always been one of our biggest interior inspirations, and to see that even she has brought one of this year's most popular kitchen trends – a black kitchen – to Pickle Cottage is big news to us.

Historically, Stacey has always embraced a more subdued kitchen colour scheme, which she, in our opinion, brought a lived-in warmth to through wooden and gold accents. However, she even surprised herself with how much cosier a dark-coloured kitchen looks in her home – and something tells us she'll be sticking to the dark side for a while.

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Stacey took to Instagram to share the kitchen transformation, where she expressed her surprise at the result of her bold paint idea. In her caption, she writes that she 'just went for it' and 'didn't realise how much cosier and just all around prettier painting it black would be.'

A lot of apprehension around going for a darker colour scheme usually lies in the fear that it'll look too harsh – something which even Stacey acknowledged. However, she was pleased to find that it 'feels so much more homely and actually feels brighter,' praising the black colour scheme as something 'special' compared to her previous white kitchen.

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Of course, fans on Instagram are just as obsessed with the transformation. Many have said they have 'kitchen envy' while others admit they've been swayed to darker interiors saying, 'I would never think to paint a kitchen black but it really looks amazing.'

If Stacey is inspiring a new wave among those who are looking to add colour to an all-white kitchen or even encourage people to explore some of the other best colours to paint a kitchen, we're all aboard.

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How Stacey has nailed the black kitchen colour scheme

If you have a small kitchen, then the idea of leaping for this same paint idea as Stacey might be a bit daunting given darker colours' reputation for making a room feel smaller. However, this isn't always the case.

'It's recommended to be cautious when using large amounts of dark blues, blacks and greens, as these can make the room feel smaller, but Stacey has cleverly balanced the room with white worktops and kept her light stone slab flooring,' explains Darren Watts, showroom design director at Wren Kitchens.

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Stacey's white kitchen was certainly gorgeous, but now, her kitchen cabinets definitely make a statement. Not to mention, Darren adds that incorporating dark colours creates a homely, welcoming environment that truly makes the kitchen feel like the heart of the home.

'Pairing with modern, metallic hardware on her sink, handles, and integrated ovens, adds even more elegance to her kitchen, adding to the overall 'luxe' transformation,' he further affirms. So, if you're trying to make a kitchen look expensive, this might just be the direction to consider taking your cooking space in.

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Darren concludes, 'Beige kitchens, whilst sleek looking, can often look flat and lifeless, which is why it's so great to see Stacey add some character to her kitchen. Going dark can be daunting, but when well-balanced with lighter tones and bright metallics, the transformation can look sleek and is very on trend.'

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