What colours go with green kitchens? Design experts reveal the trending colour combos to try now

Green is one of the most popular colours for kitchens right now - but what shades should you pair it with?

Fired Earth green kitchen
(Image credit: Ca' Pietra)

Wondering what colours go with green kitchens? We've got you. Green kitchens have seen a boom in interest over the past few years, and this popularity is set to continue. As long as you decorate and accessorise them wisely, green kitchens are timeless, so they’re sure to be a welcome statement in your space for years to come.

As more of us than ever spend most of our at-home time in the kitchen, we’re ensuring to make considered decorating decisions, so that our kitchens not only look nice, but also feel good to be in.

The key reason why green kitchen ideas are so popular, is that green is an inherently calming colour. Reminiscent of trees, meadows and fields, green is linked to the natural world, and many psychological studies have shown that being in a green room can make us feel more relaxed.

What colours go with green kitchens?

When planning your green kitchen colour scheme the shades that you choose to sit alongside your chosen green hue can make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of the space.

While darker shades, such as black or charcoal, will bring a moody and sophisticated twist on green, brighter shades, such as pink, will give it a more playful and upbeat spin.

Whether your kitchen is a deep forest green, a softer sage green or a bright pea green, there are many colours that will work beautifully with this natural hue. We’ve gathered the six best shades so you can create your desired look and feel and amplify your green kitchen.

1. Green and pink

Annie Sloan green kitchen with pink tiled floor

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Green and pink is a colour combination that’s ever increasing in popularity for all rooms in the home, but it works especially well in a kitchen. This is a kitchen idea that’s sure to become a talking point.

‘Green and pink work together nicely in a kitchen because they create a vibrant and refreshing contrast,’ says Molly Chandler, designer at Willis & Stone. ‘Green, associated with nature, brings a sense of calm, while pink adds warmth and a playful touch. When paired, these colours evoke a balanced, cheerful atmosphere that make the kitchen feel welcoming.’

When planning what colours go with green kitchens, green can act like a neutral, while splashes of pink in the kitchen provide punches of colour. ‘To incorporate these colours, try using green for larger elements like cabinetry, walls, or tiles, and introduce pink through accents such as backsplash tiles, barstools, or kitchen accessories like dishes, utensils, and towels,’ says Molly.

This allocation of colours allows you to create focal points without overwhelming the space, ensuring a cohesive and stylish design.

2. Green and terracotta

Green kitchen with Ca' Pietra terracotta tiles

(Image credit: Ca' Pietra)

Pairing a green kitchen with a splash of terracotta is a great way to create an earthy, organic and rustic feeling kitchen. With our drive to bring the outside in and form a space that feels natural and airy, it’s no wonder that terracotta is a kitchen trend that’s on the rise.

‘Green and terracotta are both earthy, nature-inspired shades and so complement each other naturally as they would in the outdoors. Rich in texture and deep in tone, the colours have a vast range and mix well together in a variety of hues,’ says Alex Main, director at The Main Company.

‘When using green and terracotta in a kitchen, opt for the lighter shade for the kitchen cabinets and the darker shades for the walls or flooring, for example. This will naturally make the cabinets stand out, while adding depth to the space,’ says Alex.

One of the most classic and timeless ways to incorporate terracotta is through tiled kitchen flooring. ‘A terracotta tiled floor is a timeless addition especially in an on-trend pattern such as herringbone. Pair it with an eye-catching green for the cabinets, like moss green or an olive green, to form a welcome contrast,’ he adds. We particularly love the simplicity of the Marlborough Terracotta Bejmat tiles from Ca' Pietra.

3. Green and white

Fired Earth green kitchen

(Image credit: Fired Earth)

When deciding what colours go with green kitchens, by far the most common colour is white. This colour combination is classic and timeless, and the white really allows the green kitchen to take the spotlight.

‘For a timeless option consider pairing green with a neutral, lighter colour such as white or pale grey,’ says María D Arráez, director of Tile of Spain. ‘This combination will enhance the brightness and openness of a space, and make a small kitchen feel bigger,’ she says.

‘White neutrals go with everything, and will enhance the vibrancy of a green kitchen by creating a contrast. It’s amazing how this combination can make a kitchen feel more spacious and airy,’ says Melissa Klink, creative director at Harvey Jones.

‘A green island or lower cabinets contrasted with white upper cabinets can create a balanced and elegant design. Green and white can work well in any sized room – meaning this is a combination for everyone,’ Melissa continues.

4. Green and yellow

Green kitchen with bright yellow wall

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Full of optimism, hope and positivity, yellow is a vibrant and uplifting addition to any green kitchen.

‘If you’re looking for something bold and lively, green and yellow is a beautiful and harmonious colour scheme. Whilst green and yellow aren’t as timeless as some pairings, they are a great way to create an eye-catching space,’ says Maria.

‘Pairing greens with yellows will really enhance the natural feel in the space. For a kitchen that feels connected to nature, yellow adds a sunny, cheerful touch to green,’ says Melissa. ‘This season’s buttermilk tones are a key kitchen trend and go well with grey-greens to creates a laid back and optimistic feel.’

If considering a bright yellow in your kitchen, it’s a good idea to consider the size of your space and let this determine how best to use the shade. ‘A bright yellow can dominate a space, so a vibrant hue should be reserved for larger rooms,’ says Melissa. ‘If you’re looking to add bright yellow into a smaller green kitchen, add bursts of the shade through accessories, lighting fixtures, or a feature wall.’

However, softer shades of butter yellow are much easier to work with. ‘Muted, or pale, yellow tiles or curtains can provide a burst of colour without dominating the space, so can work well in a green kitchen of any size,’ says Melissa.

5. Green and black

Tiles of Spain green kitchen with black marble accent

(Image credit: Tiles of Spain)

Using black alongside a green is a great kitchen idea for creating a sophisticated, moody and slick space. The black features of your kitchen will visually fall into the background, allowing your green cabinets to take centre stage.

You should always consider the aspect of your kitchen when choosing colours. ‘South facing kitchens will receive a lot of natural light throughout the day. Rich, dark colours like forest green, black, charcoal and dark blue work really well in south-facing spaces,’ says Darren Watts, showroom development director at Wren Kitchens. ‘This is especially true when they’re accessorised with vibrant metallic handles and lighter, contrasting work tops.’

The style of your green kitchen will also help to determine which colour will work well with it. ‘Neutral colours like black, white or grey work really well in modern kitchens. If you have clean lines, a simple, sleek and minimalist design, and high shine worktops, black will amply this look for a cool and contemporary space,’ says Darren.

6. Light green and dark green

Green kitchen with shaker cupboards and a kitchen island.

(Image credit: Future PLC)

As far as choosing what colours go with green kitchens, using two or three different shades of green is arguably the most straight forward, and will create the most serene of spaces. Green is an inherently calming shade, so using this through the majority of your space in varying hues is a sure way to create a calming vibe.

‘Following the 60-30-10 rule, start by selecting a primary shade of green that will serve as the foundation for your kitchen,’ says Julie Gokce, senior kitchen designer at More Kitchens. ‘This could be a soft sage, a vibrant emerald, or a deep forest green, depending on your preference, and will be used to paint the majority of your walls and for the floor.’

‘Use a slightly darker or lighter shade of green for your cabinets to create contrast,’ continues Julie. ‘For example, if your walls are sage green, you might choose a deeper olive or a pastel green for the cabinets. Then select tiles and accessories in another shade of green. You can use a mix of lighter and darker greens or choose a patterned green tile with multiple shades of green in.’


Are green kitchens timeless?

Green kitchens are timeless, and this is because green is a ‘nearly neutral.’ While neutral shades are typically whites and beiges, green behaves in much the same way as these lighter hues. Green can successfully sit alongside many other colours, and this is a perfect example of design mimicking nature. While every possible colour of flower looks beautiful against a green stem and green leaves, every paint colour on the shelf, in one shade or another, will look beautiful with green.

This could explain why green kitchens never go out of style. ‘Green kitchens do certainly have a timeless appeal,’ says Julie Gokce, senior kitchen designer at More Kitchens. ‘With green being found abundantly in nature, people are always coming back to green kitchens, no matter the current trends.’

‘Green has a calming and grounding effect and is a very versatile colour that can adapt to various design styles. Many other colours are not so versatile and perhaps it is because they are not found so commonly in nature.’

What are the best green paints for kitchens?

The best green paints for kitchens are solutions which are designed specifically for kitchens. Kitchen paint is adapted to be extra hard wearing, so that it can stand up to splashes, stains and steamy environments. You should also consider the surfaces you’re painting – if painting wooden cabinets you’ll need specialist wood paint for a long lasting finish, and if you’re painting the floor you’ll need specialist floor paint as this will have anti-slip properties.

‘The best green paints for kitchens depends on your preferences,’ Julie Gokce, senior kitchen designer at More Kitchens. ‘Shades like pastel green are perfect for bringing a muted and subtle touch of green into your kitchen. Forest green is perfect for creating a deep, earthy, rich inviting atmosphere in your kitchen. Sage and olive greens are great if you want to bring a touch of nostalgia into your kitchen.’

Landing on the perfect answer to 'what colours go with green kitchens' is no simple task, but these 6 inspiring colour combinations should give you a stylish place to start.

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