Le Creuset's new launch just confirmed the must-have colour duo for homes in 2024

Rhône and Chambray have been unveiled as the star colours of Le Creuset's latest collection

Le creuset red and blue cast iron
(Image credit: Le Creuset)

Le Creuset has unveiled two new colourways for 2024 in a stunning red and blue, and are predicting this is the colour duo that is going to be going viral this year.

The brand predicts that the new shades, Rhône red and Chambray blue, are not just the next big thing in cookware but also in food and interiors more widely. We were lucky enough to get an exclusive look at the selection of the brand's best cast iron cookware in the hues as they were unveiled. 

The deep red of Rhône is a clear indicator of the ongoing popularity of dopamine decor, which is using happy colours in your living space to boost the mood, Chambray is a 'refreshing, cool blue', more in line with what we saw from the brand's pastel pink Shallot collection. 

Le creuset red and blue cast iron

(Image credit: Le Creuset)

Here's our first look at the new colours, as well as a dive into the trends that Le Creuset is predicting will dominate kitchen colour schemes in 2024.

Le Creuset new colours for 2024

Le Creuset's big focus for this Spring-Summer launch is the Rhône collection, which is bang on trend given the recent comeback of red for decorating

This particular red is 'deeper and moodier' than you might expect, with the name echoing the French heritage of the iconic cookware brand, referencing the wine-making region of the Cotes du Rhône. 

Sophie Robinson, designer, interiors expert and collaborator with Le Creuset on there trend report, is a huge fan of the shade saying that the red is 'a robust, hearty colour which brings both warmth and visual impact to any interior design scheme.'

Le creuset red and blue cast iron

(Image credit: Le Creuset)

The arrival of Rhône also speaks to another up-and-coming trend according to Le Creuset: colour-drenched tablescaping. Expect dinner parties this year to feature bright and bold colour schemes, with linen, glassware, serve and cookware all bringing something to the table. 

Plus, if you're lucky enough to bag one of the new Le Creuset colours it means you can use your new cast iron cocotte not just as cookware, but as a decorative piece. 

Sophie Robinson expands on the trend, saying that 'it's no surprise to see more people wanting to fill their homes with the joy of colour.'

'Bold contrasting tones are enlivening and stimulating so a great way to dress the dinner party table and create an eye-catching space for the meal to remember.'

Both colours will be available to shop online now, with the Rhône and Chambray collections spanning both cookware and serveware. 

As well as adding a piece of cast iron to your collection that will last for years, the launch also means that finding a new centrepiece for your next dinner party just got easier.

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