Liberty has given the Nespresso Vertuo a floral makeover - it's a must for cottagecore kitchens

What happens when you cross a coffee machine with one of the UK's most iconic floral pattern designers?

Nespresso x liberty coffee machine
(Image credit: Nespresso x Liberty)

Liberty London prints are nothing short of iconic, no matter whether they are new or from the archives, the vibrant prints are instantly recognisable. Now in a coffee first, Liberty has collaborated with Nespresso on a limited edition range. 

I'm a serious fan girl when it comes to Liberty prints, so the new patterned Liberty Nespresso Vertuo jumped to the top of my wishlist. Nespresso was a pioneer of the best coffee pod machines, making it easy to have barista-worthy coffee at the touch of a button at home. 

In the last 8 years, the original Nespresso coffee machine has been a constant fixture in every kitchen I've had, but I'm ready to give it an upgrade with the new Liberty x Nespresso Vertuo

The design is perfect for cottagecore fans who love a pretty ditzy floral print. Liberty has designed the pattern called 'Botanical Notes' exclusively for Nespresso as a visual representation of the tastes found in a cup of coffee. Delicately drawn coffee beans are nestled alongside citrus flowers, vanilla seeds and berries. 

Nespresso x liberty coffee machine

(Image credit: Nespresso x Liberty)

The design is available across three different pieces, the Nespresso Vertuo Next machine, Aeroccino3 Milk Frother and Vertuo Mug. The print is most proudly used on the milk frother which is covered in the vibrant print.

On the coffee machine itself, the print adorns only the very top and is complemented by an on-trend sky blue. My only complaint is that I wish they had gone even further with the print and encased the whole coffee machine as they had on the milk frother, but I understand not everyone is as much of a Liberty fan girl as me.

The Liberty x Nespresso Vertuo coffee machine is on the more expensive side of a coffee pod machine costing £199.99. However, if you already have a coffee pod machine, you can still add a touch of Liberty print to your coffee station ideas with the milk frother priced at £89, or the mug that costs just £19.

Why the Nespresso Vertuo?

The Liberty x Nespresso Vertuo coffee machine jumping to the top of my new wishlist isn't just to do with the design, but the versatility of the pod machine itself. The Vertuo is one of Nespresso's most flexible coffee machines that crucially is also easy to use. 

It can create seven different-sized coffees at the touch of a button. That will be good news to coffee pod fans who have had to come up with creative ways to turn a ristretto into a long coffee (my partner currently opts for the 'press the button twice' method which I would not advise). 

A version of the Nespresso Vertuo (The Nespresso Vertuo creatista) has been ranked as one of our team's favourite coffee pod machines. Nespresso and Sage collaborated to create the Creatista so it does come with a few extra special features like the built-in milk frother. But the ease of use that our reviewer praised can be found in nearly every Nespresso coffee pod machine. 

The biggest downside of investing in the Nespresso Vertuo coffee machine is that you are tied into only buying Nespresso coffee pods. However, the Liberty collaboration has made that sound a lot more appealing with a trio of capsules offered as a limited edition gift when you purchase the machine.

As an aside to any boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands or wives reading this, Valentine's Day is nearly here and what's better than a bunch of flowers? Coffee and flowers! I'm just saying...

Rebecca Knight
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