The Ninja Thirsti is finally launching in the UK - here's how the SodaStream rival works

There's a new carbonator on the block

Ninja Thirsti carbonator on pink background
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One of Ninja's most hyped products in the US, the Ninja Thirsti, is finally launching in the UK this summer, and we got an exclusive first look at it.

Ninja is best known for its range of the best air fryers, which might leave you thinking that the launch of a drinks maker is a bit of a curveball. 

In short, the Ninja Thirsti is a sparkling and still water system that can help you create a range of drinks at home, and it's packed full of features to make using it more exciting than a standard carbonator.

Yep, Ninja claim you can make up to a thousand different drink combinations with the Thirsti using the brand's flavour pods. You can also choose between three fizz levels, four drink sizes and two flavour strengths. Here's our first look at what might be one of the best Ninja appliances due to be released this year. 

Ninja Thirsti first look

This is Ninja's first-ever 'beverage maker', and while it's been making waves in the US since its release in 2023, it hasn't been available to buy in the UK. That's set to change in 2024, with the Thirsti launching alongside a range of new Ninja appliances, including the new Double Stack Air Fryer and the Ninja Creami Deluxe.

It can carbonate chilled still water into sparkling or be used to flavour still or sparkling water with the Ninja Thirsti Flavour Pods. These pods are made with real fruit, and natural colours, have no added sugar and can be inserted two at a time into the unit so that you can mix and match flavours. This ability to craft drinks using the capsules is what is meant to set it apart from other carbonators on the market right now.

Ninja Thirsti carbonator

(Image credit: Ninja)

In total there are 16 pods available across three different ranges to get inventive with: Quench (featuring classic fruit juice flavours), Revive (with Vitamin C) and Energise (with Fortified B3). 

The release of the Thirsti is also accompanied by a range of water bottles, which can keep your drink inside fizzy and cold for up to 48 hours.  

After getting an exclusive first look at the launch, the unit of the Thirsti is pretty space efficient, and the separate tank means it's easy to know when you need to refill the water. 

A first look at the Ninja Thirsti carbonator

(Image credit: Future/Molly Cleary)

Along with the other Ninja releases for 2024, you can't yet purchase the Ninja Thirsti, but you can sign up to be the first to hear about its release date on the Ninja website. Quench your curiosity!

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