Our Place has upgraded this old-school cooking essential to fix one of our biggest problems in the kitchen

Wave goodbye to rummaging around in your drawers while trying to get your hosting game on

Oven gloves in assorted colours hung up on side of fridge above stove in kitchen
(Image credit: Our Place)

Our Place's newest launch features a kitchen essential that might've just solved one of our biggest issues in the kitchen: the constant misplacing of our oven gloves (or simply not having them within reach), and it's perfect for those with small kitchens.

If there's any time that the oven gets used more than ever, it's during the festive period. Now that hosting season is among us, it's time to get our seasonal tablescaping game on. But of course, no tablescape is complete without the actual intent: feasting on a hearty, home-cooked meal – and with the back-to-back use of an oven comes the need for a good quality pair of oven gloves.

Well, what if we told you that you no longer need to keep your oven gloves hidden away in a kitchen cabinet or hanging not so aesthetically on your oven? Enter, Our Place's Hot Mitts.

Oven gloves displayed in lavender, sage green, and blue salt colourways

(Image credit: Our Place)

Our Place hot mitts

Our Place's newest Cookwear collection has launched today, featuring a handful of products that we're confident will be the perfect companion for those longer shifts in the kitchen. However, what we've specifically got our eyes on are their oven gloves.

The Our Place Hot Mitts have taken the traditional oven glove to the next level, boasting a wipe-clean silicone, snug comfort and flexible functionality. The best part? They've got built-in magnets and a convenient hanging loop.

Oven gloves in assorted colours hung up on side of fridge above stove in kitchen

(Image credit: Our Place)

That's right – long gone are the days of rummaging around in your drawers or keeping some (truthfully not-so-pretty-looking) oven gloves draped around an otherwise organised kitchen cabinet. Not only that, but the food-grade silicone is super easy to clean and is machine washable too. 

Available in three gorgeous colourways, sage, blue salt, and lavender, they'll also likely complement whatever kitchen colour scheme you've employed.

Sage green oven mitts hung up on kitchen fridge

(Image credit: Our Place)

And if you're keen on brushing up further on your kitchen prep essentials for whatever dinner parties you've got lined up, then you can even nab the new Home Cook Apron (£40) and Double Dish Towels (£30) alongside the Hot Mitts in Our Place's Kitchen Linens Set, which you can buy for £90 altogether.

Considering each item's retail price, you can enjoy £20 in savings if you buy them in this bundle. Pair these with Our Place's Tiny Cast Iron Always Pan, the Egg Poacher attachment, or their Grind Coffee collaboration and you're pretty much set for cooking and hosting in style.

Sage green oven glove taking tray out of small oven

(Image credit: Our Place)

Hey, if this is what the hosting season looks like all autumn and winter, then you can sign us up.

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