Stanley Tucci just teased his new product launch on Instagram – we think we cracked the code as to what it is

Did we just crack the code to Stanley Tucci’s latest product launch announcement?

Stanley Tucci portrait
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It’s no secret that we love Stanley Tucci at the Ideal Home office. The London-residing American actor regularly entertains us with his witty and charming cooking videos and kitchen ideas on his Instagram account, which has amassed a loyal following of 3.5 million. And a few days ago, Stanley took to his Insta again to share with his fans and followers that ‘something’s coming’.

This simple caption was posted alongside a short video of Stanley holding onto a pallet of large Tucci-labelled product boxes. But what’s inside you ask? Well, that's one secret he's not telling (yet).

While many turned to the comments section to share their guesses, we’ve were busy condusting some detective work of our own. As a result, we believe our team of Ideal Home super-sleuths have figured out what it is that he’s launching.

Stanley Tucci teases a product launch on Instagram

Stanley’s comment section is filled with guesses. Among the most popular is a new cookbook, a wine launch, olive oil, pasta and more.

But, if we are correct, then Stanley has been cheekily planting Easter eggs in his Instagram reels for the past couple of weeks in a subtle play that would impress even the mastermind of secret codes Taylor Swift herself. 

Our eagle-eyed editors often analyse Stanley’s dreamy kitchen to identify everything from his kitchen paint colour to his toaster oven in the pantry. And we know that the star of the travelling food show Searching for Italy uses only the best saucepans on the market. He's even known to favour the iconic Le Creuset. See where we’re going with this?

Kitchen with a large stove and hanging pans

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Needless to say, we were rather surprised when the actor started using a brand new set of pots and pans in his last two Instagram reels, which saw him cooking arancini and marinated zucchini (and, yes, it was hard to not be distarcted by these delicious dishes), and we could not find them anywhere. Plus, there was even a whole range of these mysterious pots decorating the shelf behind Stanley too. Odd, don’t you think? 

If we’re right, then this is huge. A Stanley Tucci cookware launch?! Yes, please. We’re especially excited for the blue frying pan with a gold handle. But we’re not alone in thinking this as the announcement post comments do include guesses of pans and cookware.

One follower commented, ‘Are those some pots and pans!!’ While another said, ‘Tell me it’s cookware.’

None of this is confirmed and it’s pure speculation. But if it turns out to be correct, then just call us the Sherlock Holmes of homes and interiors.

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