Does your dog match your style?

Read on to find out if you've chosen the right pooch for your lifestyle…

What kind of dog do you live with? A lovable Lab or a haughty hound? And most importantly, is he the right fit for your lifestyle? From designer dogs to humble mutts, your precious pooch says a lot about you...

room with black dog on white wooden chair with cushions

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Labrador owner
You're extremely relaxed about the housekeeping - in fact, you can't remember the last time you dusted off the hoover - and aren't the least bit bothered about a spot of mud, a splash of stagnant river water or a few grubby paw prints. All your furniture is battered and vintage and your preferred shade is Dirt-Disguising Brown No 2, which means your faithful Lab can roll on the sofa, rugs and beds to his heart's content.

room with white wall and black dog on coloured rug

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Irish wolfhound

You're really rather posh and have a really rather grand house. Far too lofty to do the cleaning, your trusty team of servants spend their (very well-paid, what!) days polishing the silver and vacuuming up Watson's wiry sheddings. Not that you spend much time skulking indoors to notice - you're far too busy enjoying the good life outside on your vast estate.

black doberman dog on tiled floor

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Doberman owner
You consider yourself to be sartorially sleek
and sophisticated and you have an unshakeable admiration for German
craftsmanship. Your detached Georgian villa contains a healthy collection of modern art
and more than a smattering of über-expensive design classics, all of which need
serious protection. A renowed local resident and a prominent member of
your local Neighbourhood Watch scheme, you command massive respect on
the street - the local ruffians anxiously scamper off when they see you and Kurt patrolling your patch.

dog house with sloping roof and red wall and white with brown dog

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St Bernard ownerYou live in a swish, Swiss-style new build somewhere rather cold. Your home is full of low-cost, easily replaced furniture, definitely nothing too precious. You have a relaxed attitude to breakages - poor Heidi doesn't realise how chunky she is and has been known to jump up and crush the odd chair, stool, dining table! You like to take things easy and people come to you when they need a helping hand or a bracing brandy. Your house is very popular with the local school kids - and with your thrice-weekly cleaner and the local handyman.

room with brown dog in yellow box and yellow tiled floor

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Spaniel owner
Just like your close neighbours The Labradors, you're very laid-back when it comes to the chores. In fact, you relish a bit of mud and if the sisal isn't looking earthy enough, you have been known to order Byron to dig up an imaginary bone in the vegetable patch before he sits down to his organic breakfast. You think all those doggy germs and slobber keep the kids healthy and positively encourage a bit of canine ruff and tumble on the scratched-up parquet. Boots rule in your home - riding boots, Wellington boots, hiking boots, chewed-up boots - and you think they make a really nice feature in the living room. A sign of a healthy lifestyle, doncha know? 

room with white dog on black semicircular framed chair and white wall

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White German Shepherd owner
No doubt about it, you're a very on-trend individual. Passionate about the Scandi-look, you're able to induldge your almost obsessive love of the colour white because while Blanche undoubtedly sheds, she sheds white. True, you have to employ a rather pricy celebrity dog groomer to come to your penthouse pad twice a week to keep those waves looking pristine and perfectly blow-dried, but this more than pays off because your little lady is frequently booked for adverts, movies and signings.

room with white window and white dog and grey cushions

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Cockapoo owner
You like to keep this a secret from your edgy, cynical friends, but you're actually allergic to dogs and visually allergic to horrid balls of matted dog hair - that little byproduct just doesn't do it for you artistically. Not a big fan of vacuuming and far too busy to clean, your non-shedding designer dog is cute, super-smart and without a doubt your perfect match.

room with brown dog wearing printed blue with white cloth and green cushion

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Dachshund owner
You have a super-stylish but rather bijou space. You're not that big on baking, unless its doggy-shaped biccies for the local fair. Neat and tidy, everything is carefully filed, labelled and put away in its own slot. Your biggest indulgence is your dressing room and walk-in wardrobe. Naturally, Gordon has his own room too - along with his own set of bespoke, fashion-forward outfits...

white dog on printed brown stool and white cushion

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Mutt owner
There are no airs and graces about you or your home - what you see is what you get. And while you have taste in abundance and a lovely relaxed space, you just don't do labels. If you can furnish your home with pieces that look great and do the job, that's good enough for you. So while you might see the beauty in a classic Eames chair, you'll happily settle for an Ikea lounger. And contented old Reg is allowed to chill out wherever he likes, which makes him one lucky dog.

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