This bold patterned sofa trend is transforming our homes and takes minimal effort

The DFS x Cath Kidston collab is bringing personality back

Floral snuggler sofa in white living room
(Image credit: DFS)

Over the past few years the trend for sofa fabrics has been quite simple - keep it plain and jazz it up with some decorative cushions. But the tides are a-changing.

The brand new DFS X Cath Kidston collab celebrates bringing back the love of boldly patterned sofas. The partnership between two stalwart British brands encourages us to be a little bolder and braver with our fabric choices. And, it means that the rest of your decorating will be a cinch.

Grey sofa with floral patterned sides in living room

(Image credit: DFS)

The DFS x Cath Kidston sofa trend

The revival of patterned sofas isn't as scary as you might think. In fact, these pieces will make decorating the rest of your living room easier, as you already have a statement piece to focus around. Plus, if you're a renter, it's a guaranteed way to bring colour and pattern into your space without risking the wrath of your landlord.

As well as fully covered sofas, the DFS X Cath Kidston range offers a way for you to dip your toe in the pattern pool. These options have plain fabric over the majority of the pieces, with only the sides covered in a statement Cath Kidston design.

Blue-green armchair with floral patterned sides and matching footstool

(Image credit: DFS)

It's not just sofas that are getting the floral fabric treatment, either. The range includes accent pieces like armchairs and footstools as well as upholstered beds. Stick to one pattern for a cohesive theme or get eclectic by mixing and matching.

'We’re seeing customers become more confident in expressing their personality in their interiors and pattern is a great way to reflect your individuality and make a look your own,' says Kellie Wyles, Head of Upholstery, DFS.

'This range offers pattern lovers and Cath Kidston fans the chance to bring these much-loved patterns to any corner of their home – whether that’s through a single statement piece; mixing and layering patterns across a number of pieces; or adding a flash of print to a more pared back look with an accent piece or cushions.'

Floral snuggler sofa in white living room

(Image credit: DFS)

So, are we ready to return to the days of patterned furniture? Well, not only do they look great and inject some personality into a room, but it's also delightfully comforting.

‘We’re continuing to draw inspiration from the past to bring a sense of comfort and nostalgia to our homes,' says Kellie. 'This new range of upholstered beds, sofas and accent pieces, in iconic Cath Kidston pattern fabrics, puts a fresh spin on traditional design influences.'

As if that wasn't enough, you can recline easily knowing that the collection features 100% recycled cloth fabrics. Looking good and doing good, too.

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