Can Aldi’s magic pillow guarantee a better night’s sleep?

It's the £5 pillow that has everyone talking and here's why...

Is snoring an issue that keeps you awake at night? The struggles of cohabiting with a snorer are real, as are the bags under your eyes from a lack of sleep. Budget supermarket Aldi is on the money with its anti-snore pillow that is incredibly under a fiver.

This ‘life-changing’ pillow is made by Slumberdown, who as bedding experts know thing or two about what makes the perfect night’s sleep. The specially designed anti-snore pillow claims to help relieve the symptoms of snoring and improve sleep. The design works by raising the head during sleep to keep the airways open, therefore eliminating one of the main problems associated with snoring.

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anti-snore-pillow at Aldi

In store: Slumberdown Anti Snore Pillow, only £4.99 in Aldi

Can this simple pillow really ensure the night can go by without too much noise disturbance?!

The hollowfibre filling surrounds an S-shaped foam core that is designed to encourage better breathing. Although soft and comfortable it provides enough firm support for the head and neck, relieving pressure when sleeping on your side – great to know as changing your sleep position is a suggestion to naturally reduce snoring.

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anti-snore-pillow_Aldi Slumberdown

Rather unsurprisingly, such has been its popularity, the anti-snore pillow has sold out online, but fear not because new stock is arriving any minute. You can also buy in stores, if you can find stock that is because we all know once a Specialbuy is gone, it’s gone.

You can purchase this pillow from other stockists, but you won’t get it at the Specialbuys price of just £4.99. Yet again Aldi wows us by delivering the goods at unbeatable prices.

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With miracle pillows at under a fiver, it’s never been more affordable to achieve a good night’s sleep.

*Disclaimer if for any reason the pillow still doesn’t work… there’s always the sofa as a last resort.

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