Aldi are bringing back the magic anti-snore pillow of dreams!

It's the return of the £5.99 pillow that got everyone talking last year...

Is snoring keeping you awake at night? The struggles of cohabiting with a snorer are real, as are the bags under your eyes from a lack of sleep. Aldi comes to the rescue once again by welcoming back its affordable anti-snore pillow.

The ingenious pillow is part of the Winter Bedding Specialbuys range, that also includes duvets, mattress protectors and electric blankets.

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The bedding range is available to pre-order online this Sunday, in stores from next Sunday 24th February.

The anti-snore pillow is back at Aldi

Anti snore pillow

Coming soon: Anti Snore Pillow, £5.99 in Aldi

Aldi’s bestselling Anti-Snore Pillow is back with new and improved specifications. The 100 per cent cotton cover encases a S-shaped foam core, designed to encourage better breathing.

Although soft and comfortable it provides enough firm support for the head and neck, relieving pressure when sleeping on your side – great to know as changing your sleep position is a suggestion to naturally reduce snoring.

It’s no surprise they’ve welcomed back the anti-snore pillow, after it sold out in record time last time around. Did you miss out? Make sure you don’t this weekend.

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anti snore pillow

This year’s range sees the addition of a brand-new Relaxation Pillow, again at just £5.99. Designed to soothe neck and shoulder aches and pains with its adjustable height and filling, this new pillow is bound to calm even the most restless of sleepers.

You can purchase similar pillows from other stockists, but you won’t get it at the Specialbuys price of just £5.99. Yet again Aldi wows us by delivering the goods at unbeatable prices.

Anti snore pillow

The up-and-coming bedding collection also includes  the Mega Bounce Mattress Protector (from £5.99) and Mega Bounce Duvet available in Single (£9.99), Double (£12.99) and King (£14.99) size.

anti snore pillow and bedding

Sleeping soundly is key, but all the better if done in style. Aldi’s reversible duvet set featuring a statement retro print is just the thing. Best of all, the cotton mix set is only £8.99. Available in both double and king sizes, with two further prints in the range.

Thanks to Aldi it’s never been more affordable to achieve a good night’s sleep.

Love an Aldi? More Brits would rather live by an Aldi than a good school – but do you agree?

Be prepared for Sunday – as we all know once a Specialbuy is gone, it’s gone.

*Disclaimer if for any reason the pillow still doesn’t work… there’s always the sofa as a last resort.

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