Amazon Prime Day vacuum deals – cash in on cordless vacuums, robots, power cleaners and more

Clean up with these fantastic vacuum discounts on Amazon Prime Day
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  • Great vacuum cleaner deals are hard to come by. So grab yourself a new one at an insanely low price by sneaking a peek of our Amazon Prime Day vacuum deals.

    We’ve covered off all styles – including cordless, upright, cylinder and robot varieties. The right one depends on the size of your home, its flooring, and whether you have children, pets… or both! But below, we’ll take you through the key features of all the vacuum cleaners on offer for Amazon Prime Day 2020.

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    Amazon Prime Day vacuum deals 2020 – quick links

    Amazon Prime Day vacuum deals 2020 – latest offers

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    Shark Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner [WV200UK]: was £129.99, now £89.99 at Amazon

    This sleek handheld vacuum packs all the power of a Shark Vacuum Cleaner in a convenient portable package. For today and tomorrow only it is 31 per cent off, saving you £40. At Ideal Home we swear by our handheld vacuums, especially this Mrs Hinch favourite, for quick clean ups on upholstery, kitchen surfaces and in the car. The vacuum has an 8 minute run time, and a one-touch easy empty dust cup.

    View deal: Shark Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner [WV200UK] – Was £129.99, now £89.99 (save 31%), Amazon


    Hetty HET160 Bagged Cylinder Vacuum: was £129.99, now £99 at Amazon

    Who needs a Henry when you can have a Hetty? This classic cylinder vacuum is already on a cut-price offer from Amazon at under £100, a bargain for a cleaner that’s usually sold for a three-figure sum. Its design is simple, solid and tumble-down-the-stairs-proof, and is suitable for carpets and hard floors. You will also spend less time emptying your Hetty than other cylinder vacuums, while its innovative self-seal tab locks all the dust in the bag, meaning emptying with no dust and no mess.

    View deal: Hetty HET160 Bagged Cylinder Vacuum – Was £129.99, now £99 (save 24%), Amazon

    Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner [NZ801UKT]: was £349.99, now £246.30 (save 30%), Amazon

    This upright vacuum from Shark is versatile in so many ways – and is over £100 off right now!

    Its clever design allows you to transform it from a traditional standing upright hoover into a portable one that you can move around easily. Meaning hoovering upstairs or in hard to reach areas is no longer a full-body workout!

    This particular model is the Pet version, so comes with a couple more gizmos and attachments that help you pull stubborn pet hair from sofas and carpets easier. This vacuum has built-in anti-hair wrap technology, removing hair from the brush-roll itself – meaning it picks up pet hair and our hair with ease!

    View deal: Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner [NZ801UKT] – was £349.99, now £246.30 (save 30%), Amazon

    Amazon prime Day vacuum Deals

    Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner [NZ801UKTSB] – was £379.99, now £184.99 (save 51%), Amazon

    This is an AMAZON EXCLUSIVE offer, as this amazing Shark upright vacuum cleaner comes with a car detailing kit, as part of Amazon Prime Day.

    The kit features a selection of miniature tools to easily valet your car at home, which usually costs an extra £20 if bought outside of this deal.

    But back to the vacuum. The NZ801UKTSB is equipped with DuoClean technology, meaning you can glide from carpets to hard floors as two brush-rolls are working together seamlessly in one floorhead. An absolute result for homeowners with many different floor types.

    And like the NZ801UKT above, this model can be transformed from a traditional upright hoover into a portable one, making it easier to tackle hard-to-reach spots. It also comes with Anti Hair Wrap technology which separates hair from the bristle brush while you clean. Plus, this vacuum comes with a handy pet tool that removes embedded animal hair from sofas and stairs.

    View deal: Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner [NZ801UKTSB] – was £379.99, now £184.99 (save 51%), Amazon

    DN DENNOV Handheld Vacuums Cordless: was £33.99, now £27.99 (save 18%), Amazon

    This cordless handheld vacuum from DN DENNOV is a perfect space saver for those who’re tight on room.

    It comes with a wall-mounted design, so can be stored vertically in your kitchen, utility room, cupboard – anywhere you like. Always ready to use with rechargeable batteries, it has a 30-minute runtime and is particularly flexible for cleaning cars and tight corners around the home.

    And if you’re cleaning particularly dusty or dirty spots, don’t worry about cleaning your handheld after. DN DENNOV has equipped it with a washable and high-density A-Class HEPA filter, which claims to trap 99.99% of fine particles and contaminants as small as 0.3 μm dust from the air.

    It’s not heavy either. Weighing just 600g, it’s compact enough to store and clean almost anywhere. For under £30, this is a bargain that will make you feel like you’ve absolutely cleaned up.

    View deal: DN DENNOV Handheld Vacuums Cordless – was £33.99, now £27.99 (save 18%), Amazon

    Amazon prime Day vacuum deals

    Hoover Breeze Evo Pets Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner [TH31BO02] – was £129.99, now £64.99 (save 50%), Amazon

    Bigger is better, that’s how the old adage goes. And it’s certainly true when talking about this supersized pet vacuum from Hoover!

    This cleaner has a generously sized three-litre bin, perfect for picking up lots of pet hair and stubborn dirt. The bin can be emptied easily and hygienically, so say goodbye to pesky vacuum bags!

    It also comes with a 4.5m stretch hose, so you can vacuum a standard 13 step staircase without breaking a sweat. And if you have pets, their hair has been known to get embedded into stairs. But this vacuum comes with a mini turbo brush with powerful rotating bristles to lift embedded pet hairs from staircases, cushions and carpets.

    View deal: Hoover Breeze Evo Pets Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner [TH31BO02] – was £129.99, now £64.99 (save 50%), Amazon

    Amazon prime Day vacuum deals

    eufy [Boost IQ] RoboVac 11S MAX – was £239.99, now £167.99 (save 30%), Amazon

    This RoboVac 11S MAX from home vac experts eufy has extremely strong suction power. With eufy’s BoostIQ technology, the 11s automatically increases suction power within 1.5 seconds when extra vacuuming strength is needed. With a volume no louder than a microwave, the 11s can be working over on the other side of the house and you’ll have no idea it’s there.

    Plus, if you have hardwood floors, eufy claims it can clean for 100 minutes between charges – so your hardwood will be dirt-free without you lifting a finger. And while we’re talking about charges, this robot cleaner charges itself, so no need to worry about plugging it in overnight. An anti-scratch tempered glass-top cover gives it premium protection. Plus, it has an infrared-sensor for evading obstacles, and drop-sensing tech to avoid falls. 

    One slight drawback though is that it doesn’t come with an app you can use to control the cleaner with your phone – you have to use the battery-powered remote that’s included. Plus, even at the discounted price of £167.99, this robot vacuum should be treated more as a long-term cleaning investment rather than a quick fix.

    View deal: eufy [Boost IQ] RoboVac 11S MAX – was £239.99, now £167.99 (save 30%), Amazon

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