Pick up Le Creuset and Oliver Bonas at bargain prices at Barnardo’s Virtual Homewares Pop-up

All money raised will go to helping vulnerable children across the UK
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  • If you are in the market for some new(ish) Le Creuset or a vintage tea set you will want to check out the Barnardo’s Virtual Homewares Pop-up this weekend.

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    Charity shops are a great place to snap up some incredible bargain buys for your home. However, rifling through shelves of bric-a-brac to uncover a hidden gem can be a headache, and the last thing anyone wants to do during a pandemic.

    Luckily Barnardo’s with the help of Geraldine Tan, the brains behind the award-winning littlebigbell interiors, have curated a range of donated homewares for the online store.

    Barnardo’s Virtual Homewares Pop-up

    Barnardos virtual pop up 4

    Image credit: Barnardos

    From the comfort of your sofa, you can browse on-trend pre-loved pieces from Le Creuset, Oliver Bonas, Kitty McCall and many others.

    The pop up will operate as a week-long auction. All items big and small will start at just 99p and be open to bids for one week. At the end of the week, items will be sent out to the winning bidders.

    Not only is there a chance to pick up some real bargains. But any money raised will go towards supporting vulnerable children across the UK.

    Barnardos virtual pop up shop 1

    Image credit: Barnardos

    ‘The coronavirus pandemic has hit vulnerable families the hardest, with many reaching crisis point,’ says Javed Khan, chief executive of Barnado’s. ‘All funds raised will go to our work supporting vulnerable children across the UK, more important now than ever.’

    A survey by Barnados found that on average Brits spend a massive £7.9 billion on homewares annually. Imagine how much good it would do if just a fraction of that was spent on pre-loved homeware, which is not only more sustainable but also supporting a good cause.

    If you are new to shopping for pre-loved homeware, Geraldine Tan of Little Big Bell has shared her top tips for finding hidden gems.

    Second-hand shopping tips

    1. Be strategic

    ‘Shop little and often,’ advises Geraldine. ‘Weekdays are a great time to browse when shops are generally quieter.’

    ‘Also, go at certain times throughout the year when shops are stock rich. Think Christmas, New Years and change of season.’

    Barnardos virtual pop up 2

    Image credit: Barnardos

    2.Know your shop locations

    ‘Research each area for their demographics, style and vibe. This will help map out shops to visit and give you an insight into the type of items that might be available in-store,’ says the blogger.

    3. Go with a plan

    ‘Charity shopping without a plan is a no-go!’ warns Geraldine. ‘You may end up overbuying or overspending.’

    ‘Before hitting the charity shops have a look around your home and identify what you need or want. This will help keep you focused.’

    4.Know your budget

    ‘A lot easier said than done when shopping pre-loved, but things do add up! However, do take comfort in knowing your money is going to a good cause.’

    Barnardos virtual pop up 3

    Image credit: Barnardos

    5. See the potential

    ‘Think outside the box! The item you have picked up may have the potential to be an amazing piece of decor,’ explains Geraldine. ‘For example, you could frame the photos or illustrations from an old picture book to give them a new lease of life.’

    6. Go for a classic

    ‘If you still aren’t sure, then you can stick to what you know best and go for a classic.’

    The Barnado’s x @littlebigbell Pop up will run from 9 am 1st August to midnight 8th August here.

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    Will you be making any bids?

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