This bedroom paint hack could help you get a better night's sleep

Make your bedroom feel like a comfy cave

We've tried and tested pillow sprays, oil diffusers and house plants with relaxing properties. But one way to optimise our bedrooms for sleep that we hadn't considered is painting the ceiling the same colour as the walls. Apparently, having one wraparound colour on all four walls and the ceiling makes for a more relaxing space where we can totally switch off.

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'There's a reason you feel so comforted when you wrap yourself in your duvet,' says Phil Lawlor, sleep expert at Dormeo. 'As humans, we like the feeling of being cocooned because it makes us feel safe, and painting your bedroom walls and ceiling all one colour can have the same effect.'

Bedroom paint hack

bedroom with black wall and side table

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It goes without saying that our bedrooms should have a colour scheme we adore. But rather painting the ceiling white by default, try this bedroom paint hack - particularly if you have a small bedroom. Soak & Sleep's sleep expert, Rebecca Leonard recommends using a muted colour palette. 'Consider soft pinks, buttery creams and sage greens to soften the look and help create a visually soothing space,' she says.

Rob Abrahams, the co-founder of Coat Paints disagrees. 'Same-shade ceilings where the walls are relatively muted can look a bit drab,' he says. Instead, Rob suggests embracing dark paint to make a bedroom feel cosy, and we think it's genius. 'Whether or not a same-shade ceiling helps sleep depends a little on the colour. Darker colours absorb light, so in bedrooms, they can soften the hard outline of a room, making it feel cosier. Almost like a comfy cave.'

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'Taking those darker colours onto the ceiling can enhance that feeling, bringing the ceiling closer and avoiding stimulating the eyes with a different shade,' Rob adds.

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If you're not feeling brave enough, or you've simply run out of dark paint, pick a warm white for the ceiling. At Ideal Home, we love the idea of an enveloping bedroom with the walls and ceiling decorated in a dark green or blue.

green wall with side table and black cushions

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It would look especially striking in an attic bedroom with the paint covering the ceiling's angles. If you're unsure of where to start, our paint trends piece for 2021 will provide some inspiration.

Will you be trying this bedroom paint hack?

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