Burger off: this summer us Brits will out-barbecue our European counterparts (despite the unpredictable weather)

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  • With Brits grilling more than anywhere else in Europe - hosting a whopping 120 million barbecue occasions a year - the stage is set for and an even bigger sizzling summer (yes, get your barbecues at the ready...)

    With barbecue season just round the corner, Britain’s air will soon be
    filled with the sweet smell of sizzling meat and the Great British
    public will be cracking open a beer in the summer sunshine.

    But what is it about the barbecue that appeals so much to us Brits?

    Is it the chance to frolic about in the garden; the urge to satisfy your competitive streak by igniting a battle of the barbecues with the
    neighbours; or simply the thought of having fewer dishes to wash at the end of the

    Whatever the reason, it seems us Brits love any excuse to get the barbecue out, come rain
    or shine. And, let’s face it, everything tastes better on the barbie.

    But barbecuing isn’t all about burgers and sausages. For those of us counting the calories this summer (we want to fit into our long-sleeved bikinis after all), why not try popping some marinated chicken, fish or veg on your grill – and max out on salads and veg side dishes, too!

    What better excuse is there to dust off the barbecue, fire up the coals and burn a few burgers than an officially endorsed week of barbecue celebration?

    From 19 to 20 July 2014 Cancer Research UK is asking men and women across the country to gather their mates, call up their granny, invite the neighbours, fire up the barbecue and be part of its brand new fundraising campaign. Sounds like a win-win to us.

    On top of everything else, Brits love to have fun – any excuse for a party!

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