No time for lunch this festive season? Introducing the three-course ‘Christmas Tinner’ for gamers who just can’t stop playing

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  • Retailer GAME has come up with a, erm, mouth-watering alternative to Christmas lunch as it reveals that half of gamers admit they can't bear to leave their consoles for even the time it takes to gobble down some turkey!

    For many of us the highlight of the festive season, nay, the very point of it at all, is sitting down with our friends and family to indulge ourselves over a hearty Christmas lunch.

    I mean what could possibly be more enjoyable than shovelling down an extra helping of soggy sprouts and just one more pig in a blanket to keep grannie happy?

    Well, according to retailer GAME, there is an entire cross-section of society for whom even taking a few minutes out of their day to eat at the table is considered sacrilege lest they miss a moment of their precious World of Warcraft or Grand Theft Auto.

    Sound like someone you know? Then this year why not give up trying to gently coax them away and treat them instead to GAME’s answer to festive feasting – the Christmas Tinner!

    erm, delicious-looking ensemble is made up of nine layers of
    traditional festive fare, including a scrambled egg starter and two
    mince pies. Now there’s a combination I never thought I’d include in the
    same sentence.

    Yes, this interesting concoction is the brainchild of GAME and designer Chris Godfrey and retails at a very punchily-priced £1.99.

    Still not convinced? The full feast includes – from top to bottom –
    scrambled egg and bacon, two mince pies, turkey and potatoes, gravy,
    bread sauce, cranberry sauce, Brussels sprouts with stuffing, roast
    carrots and parsnips and Christmas pudding – all sealed in yummy
    gelatine before it’s popped into the tin and is ready to go.

    And for those Brussels sprouts haters among us, GAME have thoughtfully created an alternative version with broccoli. Mmmmm.

    According to research from GAME, 43% of gamers said they plan to spend most of the holiday season playing on their consoles.

    Not even sex can lure male gamers away with almost half admitting they have turned their partner’s amorous advances down in order to continue playing.

    Meanwhile a fifth of female gamers said they’d missed a friend’s hen do or wedding as they just couldn’t tear themselves away from the box.

    More worrying, however, is the admission from one in seven gamers that they regularly relieve themselves in empty drinks bottles to avoid time-consuming bathroom visits, with the worst offenders living in Birmingham.

    Sorry gamers of Birmingham, but it could be time for an intervention…

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