Tinsel is BACK! John Lewis reveals which parts of the UK are transforming into Tinsel Towns

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  • Yes you read that right. The tinsel of Christmas past is back and set to jazz up how we dress our homes this Christmas

    Remember the days when you couldn’t see the tree for tinsel? Those days are set to return as tinsel is predicted to be a best-seller trend for Christmas 2018. John Lewis is pioneering tasteful decorating with colourful Christmas tinsel.

    ‘Like many things that were popular in the 70s – dahlias, chrysanthemums, swirly carpets, orange and brown, tinsel is viewed sniffily, ‘ said Dan Cooper, Partner and Head of Christmas Buying for John Lewis & Partners. ‘But in fact, you get a lot of bang for your buck with tinsel. It’s colourful and it’s shiny and it’s a very inexpensive means of decorating. Tinsel is so versatile and most of all it’s fun!’

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    Clearly leading the way on the high street, sales increased by 90 per cent last year. Reports are already showing sales are up 11 per cent on that from last year – that’s a LOT of Christmas tinsel!

    Here’s the proof that we’re making decorating the tree tastefully with tinsel can be cool once more…

    Tasteful Christmas tinsel is trending

    Christmas tinsel

    ‘We’re seeing customers choosing really bold and colourful decorations this Christmas’ Dan comments on the sales. ‘Following the trend for maximalism, More really is more. Tinsel sales are up 11 per cent on last year. Overall rainbow is proving to be our best selling tinsel this year.’

    ‘Across the country, we have seen some differences though – with orange tinsel proving to be the top choice in York and Cambridge. Aqua has been trending with Londoners! Whereas brummies have been opting for snowy tinsel.’


    Who’d have thought we’d be writing about tinsel being the height of tasteful decorating in the year 2018?! But as proven by this beautiful imagery just the right amount of tinsel can go a long way to ensuring your tree or mantelpiece looks fabulous – for little effort or expense.

    Decorating with tinsel

    Christmas tinsel

    Image credit: Sean Myers

    Tinsel is the perfect way to inject some colour and sparkly personality into our homes when decorating this Christmas. It’s one of the most versatile of home decorations and has stood the test of time in the style stakes. See above how a party table can feel all the more ‘jazzy’ with the addition of a few simple tinsel garlands.

    Tinsel-decorations by John Lewis

    Do tinsel garlands feel too scary? Try mixing in natural elements such as foliage and berries to take some of the shine off.

    You’ll need decorations to team with the tinsel, read: Christmas baubles and decorations to dress the tree in style

    Tinsel decorations in store at John-Lewis

    The shelves are dressed with every shade of Christmas tinsel in store at John Lewis Oxford street

    John Lewis have Christmas all wrapped up this year….in tinsel no less!

    Buy now: Gold Tinsel, £4 for 2m, John Lewis

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    There you go, if it’s good enough for this high street hero then who are we to argue?!

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