We reveal eBay’s top five interiors trends for spring

New report unveils the biggest trends that we're shopping right now

Spring shopping is well underway, even if spring itself shows no signs of appearing. It’s one thing to talk about trends but eBay can actually show us what is trending right now in the world of shopping. There are no surprises in there for us, we predicted as much.

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eBay best selling spring interiors trends 2018

Image credit: eBay

1. Jungle Fever

eBay best selling spring interiors trends 2018

Image credit: Adrian Briscoe

The tropical trend is big news this season. Its popularity no doubt helped by the unpredictable British weather. Unable to enjoy the outdoors due to a so-far soggy spring, Brits are opting to bring the outdoors indoors, instead! Stats show almost 5,000 ‘palm tree’ items sold on eBay during March. That’s almost a 15 per cent increase from February, with six items sold per hour.

2. Faux-liage

eBay best selling spring interiors trends 2018

Image credit: Micky Hoyle

Faux flowers are in bloom again as the seasons change, with more than 1,500 ‘silk flower’ items sold every day last month. That’s one flower item sold per minute, blooming heck that’s a lot. Faux flowers are becoming more and more realistic, making them a great buy rather than a tacky fake buy. They are ideal because they don’t die and they save allergy sufferers – win-win.

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3. Rose Gold Reign

eBay best selling spring interiors trends 2018

Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

The metallic trend shows no sign of losing lustre. Brass has been a big hit so far this season, however over on eBay it would seem it’s all about Rose Gold.  The site has reported over 150,000 items sold last month, that’s four a minute! With current listings ranging from ceiling pendants to letter boxes, it’s never been easier to add a stylish touch of metallic to your home.

4. 70s textures

eBay best selling spring interiors trends 2018

Image credit: David Giles

Knot just for the 70s! There’s a huge resurgence right now for macramé. Highly popular in the 70s this knotted phenomenon is back with a bang, with eBay reporting 15 purchases an hour in March. The trend is particularly popular as Millennials have taken to hanging their houseplants. You only have to use the #macramé tag on Instagram to see over one million photos of macramé planters.

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5. Shabby chic

eBay best selling spring interiors trends 2018

Image credit: Colin Poole

Brits are also shunning sterile minimalism this spring and retreating into the comforts of ‘shabby chic’ with almost 75,000 related-items sold, compared to only 5,000 for ‘minimalist.’ With two shabby chic goods sold every minute, it’s clear the 90’s are not only making a comeback in fashion, but also in interiors.

Which of the latest trends have you been shopping for your home?

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