Love Friends? You can buy scented candles that SMELL like Rachel, Ross Chandler and the gang!

Who will you choose to scent your home?

This week marked 25 years since Friends first appeared on our screens. Now, you can celebrate the anniversary with Friends scented candles.

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If you’ve ever wondered what your favourite Friends character would smell like, then wonder no more. Esty store iheartpopcandles is selling candles scented like the famous friendship group.

Friends scented candles

The Friends scented candles are made out of soy wax and essentials oils with a cotton wick. The candles come in a pretty frosted glass jar complete with a witty label.

The Joey Tribbiani candle claims to smells ‘like an Italian American, struggling actor whose main interests are food and women… not necessarily in that order.’

A scent otherwise known as ‘caramel popcorn’ that is bound to have plenty of people asking ‘How you doin’?’

scented white candles in glass jars with black lid

(Image credit: iheartpopcandles)

It comes as no surprise that the Phoebe Buffay (AKA Regina Phalange) candle smells like her favourite Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies. While the Monica Gellar candle smells like freshly clean linens. We couldn’t imagine the notoriously bossy clean freak smelling of anything else.

We are dying to try out the Rachel Green candle that claims to be cashmere sweater scented. Sorry, we mean *deep breath*: ‘smells like a fashionista trendsetter with the world’s most sought after haircut whose modern-day fairy tale love story with Ross famously gets her off the plane.’

But what about Ross? The palaeontologist – as well as FINALLY getting the girl – also scooped up one of our favourite scents, leather pants and books. If only Ross had this candle, it might have saved him overheating in those black leather pants he liked the smell off.

Last but not least, love him or hate him you’re probably wondering what a Chandler Bing candle smells like.

No, it’s not sweater vests and sarcasm, but rather a homage to his dedication to a friend when she's been stung by a jellyfish – a salt and sea-scented candle.

scented candle in light pink colour in glass jar

(Image credit: iheartpopcandles)

If you can’t bring yourself to choose your favourite Friend, there is also a Central Perk scented candle that smells like a freshly brewed pot of coffee. We couldn't imagine a better scent for a living room during a hangout with your own IRL friends.

£16.70 seems a small price to add an extra scented dimension to your friend’s fandom.

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We’ll be burning one of these Friends scented candles during our next Friends marathon.

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