Could the new Primark Friends range BE more fabulous for fans?

Devotees of the 90s sitcom will not want to miss the new Friends-themed homeware at Primark

It was THE show of a generation. It gave us such classic catchphrases as Joey’s salutary ‘How you doin’?’, Ross’s persistent ‘We were on a break’ and Phoebe’s endearing ‘He’s her lobster’. How could we ever forget about the six best Friends we used to virtually hang out with in Central Perk on a regular basis?

Primark has stirred fond memories of the much-loved show, with its new Friends-themed homeware range.

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The famous Central Perk branding decorates kitchen accessories, cushions and bedding in this new range. Below are some of the highlights.

Primark Friends Bedding

primark friends themed homeware

Head to the land of nod with this cute duvet and pillow set featuring iconic images from the iconic series.

In store now: Friends Bedding, from £15, Primark

Primark Friends Throw

primark friends themed homeware

Cosy up to this fluffy throw, hot chocolate in hand, as you plough your way through another Friends boxset.

In store now: Friends Throw, £6, Primark

Primark Friends Cushion

primark friends themed homeware

Give your sofa or occasional chair the Friends treatment with this double-sided cushion.

In store now: Friends Cushion, £5, Primark

Primark Friends Cafettiere

primark friends themed homeware


Of course there’s a cafettiere in this range. How could there not be? The Friends’ gang loved nothing more than a gossip over a good old cup of joe. This simple design features the famous Central Perk logo. And the best thing is you don’t have to wait hours for Rachel to serve up your coffee order.

In store now: Friends Cafettiere, £9, Primark

Primark Friends Anniversary Mug

primark friends themed homeware


Can you believe it’s been almost 15 years since the very last episode of Friends aired? Raise a latte to the memory of show we just couldn’t get enough of with this stylish anniversary mug.

In store now: Friends Anniversary Mug, £5, Primark

Primark Friends Photo Frame

primark friends themed homeware

Who can forget that hilarious sofa-moving scene between Ross and Rachel… ‘PIVOT’? Or Joey with the turkey on his head? All picture-perfect memorable Friends moments. Capture your own funny friends moments with the aid of this Friends-themed photo frame.

In store now: Friends Photo Frame, £5, Primark

Primark Friends Mini Jar Candle

primark friends themed homeware

We smell another replay of one of Ross and Rachel’s most memorable arguments. And with a burn time of up to 16 hours we’d have just about enough time to read Rachel’s infamous double-sided letter.

In store now: Friends Mini Jar Candle, £2, Primark

Primark Friends Memo Whiteboard

primark friends themed homeware

Jot down as a shopping items you need to snap up or any reminders on this quirky whiteboard. It’s also the perfect place to note the times and dates of any Friends re-runs.

In store now: Friends Memo Whiteboard, £6, Primark

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Which is your favourite item from the collection?

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