Hot Shopping: Are you ready to sizzle? Chuck a shrimp on the barbie, it’s National BBQ Week!

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  • Every fortnight we bring you our pick of the hottest home products - this Bank Holiday we're celebrating burnt sausages and chargrilled burgers for National BBQ Week.

    What’s better than a two-day weekend? A three-day weekend! And what’s better than eating indoors? Eating outdoors! In a glorious act of synchronicity, this bank holiday Monday is also the official start of National BBQ Week. Yes you can see where I’m going with this.

    Who doesn't enjoy a Bank Holiday BBQ? And it's a great opportunity to get your garden ready for summer

    What better excuse is there to dust off the BBQ, fire up the coals and burn a few burgers than an officially-endorsed week of BBQ celebration. It’s the perfect reason to give your garden or patio a summer makeover too, so here are our top picks for a colourful bank holiday weekend. Enjoy.

    1) First up, the BBQ. Some people like to sizzle their sausages in fancy gas-fired grills, but we say the fun of a BBQ is the simplicity and portability. So our cooker of choice is this budget-friendly bucket BBQ which can be taken to the perfect picnic spot – or enjoyed in your back garden. It also comes in a range of eye-popping summer colours, so you can totally coordinate with your indoor colour scheme.

    Portable bucket BBQ, £8, Tesco Direct

    2) BBQ-ing can take some time. Kick back and enjoy the whole process by ensuring everyone has a nice cool drink to sip while the coals are getting to the perfect temperature. Create a party feel with cheerful paper cups and stripey straws. Extra points if you make your own lemonade.

    Village fete blue and red striped paper straws, £2.99 for a pack of 30, Drinkstuff

    3) With our inclement English weather it’s a good idea to invest in temporary garden decorations that can be whipped down at the first sign of rain. This multicoloured paper ball creates a retro-style party atmosphere
    instantly and it flattens down to almost nothing when it’s finished with. If the kids need entertaining get them practising for the first shout of ‘rain!’ by folding and unfolding the decorations. Well, it’ll keep them occupied for a few minutes anyway.

    Large vintage party honeycomb ball, £7.50, The Contemporary Home

    4) If your BBQ goes on long into the night, add a magical glow to your garden with these coloured jam jar lanterns. Alternatively, if you’re feeling crafty, watch our quick two-minute video and see how to make your own lantern with a jam jar, a piece of lace and a ribbon. Re-live your Blue Peter days!

    Hanging jam jar lantern, £4.50,

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