Get the party started with the limited-edition IKEA FREKVENS collection

Celebrate the end of dry January in style

IKEA FREKVENS collection

Dry January is nearly over, celebrate in style by hosting a party with the new limited-edition IKEA FREKVENS collection.

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IKEA's latest innovation is the perfect one-stop shop for anyone who loves to throw a good party. Whether that's a birthday disco for your kids or a shindig for yourself.

Stockholm-based creative collective teenage engineering collaborated with IKEA to develop the 27-piece collection. The collective merged their passion for music and electronics with IKEA's home furnishing expertise, to create an affordable line of speakers and spotlights.

frekvens with led spotlight and stackable cup

(Image credit: IKEA)

The collection, starting at £4, includes an LED spotlight with a number of filters to create different lighting effects. It also features a speaker that can be layered with the spotlights for a full retro effect.

However, sound hasn't been sacrificed in favour of aesthetics, the speaker with a subwoofer, priced at £129, will provide some serious room-rattling beats.

IKEA has created a retro silver raincoat with matching bag, tiki-inspired stackable cups and a silver cushion cover to compliment the collection. Time to start planning that at-home rave.

frekvens speaker with blue table

(Image credit: IKEA)

Coming soon: FREKVENS Speaker, £65, IKEA

'FREKVENS introduces sound into the home in a new way. It is very simple, fun and playful - bringing a retro and unique aesthetic to IKEA not seen before,' explains Jesper Kouthoofd, head of design and founder of teenage engineering.

'The range can help anyone become a home roadie, setting up your own sound system and light show with minimal effort,' he adds.

You don't need to wait for a party to invest in this collection. It will also make a fantastic statement piece in a teenagers bedroom. But be prepared for the accompanying teen soundtrack.

frekvens led spotlight with plant

(Image credit: ikea)

Coming soon: FREKVENS LED Spotlight, £15, IKEA

'From our home visits we know that music is an integral part of the home and unites people in a powerful way,' says Carol McSeveney, sales leader for lighting and electronics at IKEA UK and Ireland.

'FREKVENS celebrates the interplay of sound and light within the home, creating a playful and fun environment for people to feel connected to music and each other. Apart from looking amazing, it sounds great too. It’s definitely the perfect reason to throw a party,' she adds.

frekvens mug with white background

(Image credit: IKEA)

Coming soon: FREKVENS mug, £7.50, IKEA

The collection is limited-edition and will be going on sale in February.

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Will you be getting the party started at home this month?

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