Ikea's new storage system is the stuff of dreams

Banish the clutter for good with this amazing modular range

Have those days couped up at home, snowed in, got you thinking about getting organised? Finding somewhere to put the shoes and coats that have piled up in the hall? Hiding paperwork behind closed doors? Upping your bedroom storage to accommodate a few new outfits?

Then we have just thing. Platsa is an innovative new modular storage system, coming to an Ikea near you in April. Not only are we promised that it's budget friendly, it can also be used in any room of the house.

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living room with table lamp and staircase

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The ultimate joy of Platsa is how you can build it up into endless configurations. So if you're trying to fill a space under the stairs, as you see here, or an awkward alcove, you can get the perfect fit. It's a little bit like Lego, which is perhaps why we like it so much!

And when you come to move, it's easy to take the modules apart and rearrange them to suit your new space. Sounds perfect for renters, don't you think? Also, Ikea says this 'prolongs the life of the product and goes hand in hand with a more sustainable lifestyle.'

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bedroom with white wardrobe and chairs

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In a small bedroom, you might only have the option to go up. But as Platsa can be built high, you can squeeze in a surprising amount of wardrobe space – just make sure you fix the units to the wall for safety.

There's a wide choice of interior fittings, too, including clothes rails, slide-out baskets, shelves and hangers. As for looks, you'll have the option of these sleek Fonnes doors, a Shaker-style Fenstad door, and a dark grey Skatval door. The doors mostly come hinged, but there is a Fonnes sliding option if you have an issue with clearance.

Platsa is yet to appear on the Ikea UK site, so we don't have precise pricing yet. However, it is available in Europe, where a system similar to the wardrobes above costs Eur330 – that's around £295. A small price to pay for an organised life!

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