IKEA addict? Wait until you see the new Scandi Arts and Craft collection

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  • IKEA has launched SÄLLSKAP - and it could be its best collection yet

    IKEA has just launched its new collection and this time it’s not all about clean lines and sleek shapes for modern living.

    Instead, the folks at the iconic superstore have decided to hark back to their Swedish roots, creating a collection of products inspired by traditional Scandinavian décor.

    The SÄLLSKAP collection is inspired by the Scandinavian arts and crafts movement of the late 19th and early 20th
    centuries. The collection of furniture, textiles and kitchenware has already launched in stores across the US and has been flying off the shelves.

    Described as ‘tradition with a twist’, the products are inspired by interiors from both past and present, the focus being simplicity and efficiency.

    The SÄLLSKAP furniture has been designed to fit perfectly in every nook and cranny, with colours, prints and style that reflect simple living. And, true to IKEA, each item has been created with multifunctionality in mind, as well as the ability to look great wherever you live.

    The storage bench, chair and dining table are made from solid pine – a timeless look that’s built to last and is perfect for everyday use.

    Botanical motifs and splashes of rich green and burnt orange make up this romantic country collection, but patches of bright white and modern materials prevent it from appearing at all outdated. It’s still got that IKEA look.

    For more information and to shop the collection, visit IKEA.

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