See how Interior Design Masters semi-finalist Lynsey transformed two old chairs into a rattan-style daybed

Upcycling at its best

Series 2 of Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr on BBC Two has seen contestants take on hotels, hair salons, and beach huts. However, it isn't just on the screen where contestants are whipping up stunning creations.

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Semi-finalist Lynsey Ford was recently decorating a nursery ahead of the arrival of her baby. Naturally, she came up with a genius solution for a day bed using second-hand furniture.


brick wall with arm chair and white wall

(Image credit: future PLC/Lynsey Ford)

Lynsey and her husband were after something 'slightly smaller than a single bed' for the nursery in their home. She browsed rattan beds online but wondered if she could get a better deal as they were all at least £400.

We've all been there. But when looking in a charity shop, she came across the kind of chairs your grandparents have in their conservatory, and they sparked an idea.

'We were in a charity furniture shop and saw they had a load of these chairs which were exactly the look we wanted. I love the backs and arms of them,' Lynsey tells Ideal Home.

arm chairs with cut wood and mattress

(Image credit: future PLC/Lynsey Ford)

 'We started laying them out in the shop to see if we thought it would work. I have a lot of different ideas in these shops as I get so much inspiration from the eclectic mix of furniture in there,' the architect and interior designer says. 'This has led to a garage full of future projects, much to my husband's ‘ joy’!'

'The bed wasn’t too tricky to make,' she tells us. 'We took the arms off one side to allow the mattress to fit widthways and for it to fit up to the wall. We then set it at the length of the mattress we had and cut wood lengths down to use as laths  - like a lot of beds you purchase, and attached them between the two chairs.'


day bed with curtains and mattress

(Image credit: future PLC/Lynsey Ford)

'It's worked so well. We are really pleased, it fits the space we had perfectly and creates the comfy day bed we wanted in the nursery,' says the Interior Design Masters semi-finalist.

day bed with curtain and mattress with glass window

(Image credit: future PLC/Lynsey Ford)

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We love this idea for a nursery or children's bedroom, adding texture and interest into the space. The warm tone of the old wooden chairs works brilliantly in the bright and sunny room. Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr continues tonight at 8pm on BBC Two.

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