Two things we shouldn’t feed wild birds in the garden, according to Springwatch presenter Iolo Williams

The Springwatch star shares his top tips for encouraging wildlife in your garden

Millions more of us have become green-fingered this year. For some, it’s the satisfying and therapeutic job of repotting plants, while others have become obsessed with the wild birds in their garden. 

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If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably got a couple of bird feeders on the go. But according to Springwatch host Iolo Williams, we need to be careful with what we’re feeding them.

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It’s wonderful to see our gardens welcoming more wildlife, but we certainly don’t want to cause more harm than good. As part of the Home For All campaign, Homebase partnered with Iolo Williams.

The Welsh naturalist shared his top tips for bird and wildlife care in our outdoor spaces. He points out that water is just as important as food for birds and other wildlife. ‘Water is essential for birds to clean their feathers as well as to drink,’ he says.

‘A small garden pond is ideal, but a bowl of water or even an upturned bin lid will suffice.'

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Iolo also warns that milk can be harmful to wildlife. ‘Water is also important for mammals such as hedgehogs, whereas milk is very harmful and can cause diarrhoea and sickness.’

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‘Most people don’t realise that bread can be harmful for birds,’ Iolo continues. He explains that it offers very little nutrition and can fill up a bird’s stomach.

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Instead, you should put out a variety of high-energy foods, such as fat balls, peanuts, mixed seeds, and sunflower hearts. These are all available at Homebase.

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Some bird species in the UK have declined by 95% since 1970. While over half of us want to help, we don’t know how to, according to Homebase research.

For more tips, head to Homebase’s online content hub, Birdbase. You can also take a look at our guide on how to make a bee hotel.

Whether you have a vast garden, or just some window boxes, if we all undertake small, simple actions, we can have a big impact on the declining bird population and biodiversity.

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