Cleaning fan shares time-saving way to iron fitted sheets – we ask experts if it’s safe

There's nothing better than crisp bedding, but is this new trick worth trying?
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  • We’re always open to new bedroom ideas and ways to elevate our bedding game to reach hotel-bed style luxury. One cleaning fan has shared an unconventional hack to get rid of creases on a fitted sheet.

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    When she revealed that she takes her iron to a fitted sheet after she’s put it on the mattress, it got people talking. Most were firmly in the ‘life’s too short to bother ironing it at all’ camp. But if you’re thinking of giving it a go, take note of this expert advice.

    iron fitted sheets

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    Captioning a picture of her iron on the bed in Facebook group Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It, she wrote ‘Anyone else do this?

    ‘Iron the fitted sheet when it’s on the bed!

    The Facebook post soon drummed up hundreds of ‘likes’ and over 500 comments from cleaning enthusiasts.

    ‘I don’t iron ANYTHING #tumbledryandfoldorhang,’ one wrote.

    ‘What!! OMG I feel so lazy now. In my opinion, if you cannot see it, don’t worry about it,’ said another.

    ‘I see this on Below Deck all the time and always wonder how they’ve not set a bed alight yet,’ a third commented.

    But what do the experts say?

    iron fitted sheets

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    Martin Seeley, CEO of MattressNextDay warns against it. ‘To iron your fitted sheets on the bed or not to iron? That is the question. However, there really is only one answer – no.’

    He explains that it could turn out to be costly. ‘Many mattress materials, such as memory foam or latex, aren’t heat-proof,’ he says, ‘and therefore, shouldn’t come in close contact with an iron.’

    His top tip is to iron them while they’re still damp. ‘If you don’t want to iron at all, you could use a crease release spray or some watered-down fabric conditioner and spray either of these, after your fitted sheets are on your bed.’

    iron fitted sheet

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    We also asked Robert Lancaster-Gaye, Co-Founder of Tielle Love Luxury, who knows his stuff when it comes to luxury bed linen. ‘There is nothing better than achieving a hotel bed look and feel at home,’ he says.

    ‘However, very few hotels will actually iron the bedsheets whilst they are on the bed. Those that do, will only use a high-quality steamer very lightly.

    ‘If you press too hard you will dig into the bed and risk watermarks on the mattress. Whilst it may take longer, a stable surface such as the ironing board will help your linen get that starchy crisp feel that is enjoyed during a hotel stay.’

    Georgia Metcalfe from The French Bedroom Company also says it’s important to be aware of the high heat of an iron. ‘Damask embroidery which brands may use to add their branding to a mattress could melt under the heat, as well as buttons or labels that some mattresses have.

    iron fitted sheets

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    ‘Our favourite hack for the perfectly made bed is to invest in a stunning heavy bedspread in velvet, cotton or cashmere,’ she continues. ‘The weight of these will drop out any crinkles in your sheets and give a luxurious effect instantly.’

    If you’re looking to update your bed frame, our guide to the best beds will save you time narrowing them down.

    Conversely, Matthew Harrison from PriceYourJob says that ironing fitted sheets on the mattress could kill germs lingering on your bed. Like the other experts, he warns against burn marks on the sheet and mattress. To prevent this, he says you should ‘turn on the cotton setting if your iron has one and turn down the heat.’

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    It looks like ironing it on your best ironing board is the best way to go – or giving it a once-over with your best steamer.

    Will you be giving this hack a go?

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