John Lewis & Partners predict the big trends for 2020 – including wallpapered ceilings

Look into the future as the retail giant explores what's in store for next year

It's that time again, the John Lewis trends 2020 are in. The leading retailer takes us on a journey, to see what will be trending and selling like hotcakes for the year ahead.

'Our customers are leading less predictable lives, ' says John Vary, Partner & Futurologist at John Lewis & Partners. 'As the trend for flexible working evolves, developments in technology and 5G connectivity enable consumers to be ‘always on’ wherever they are.'

'The desire for more functionality and adaptability, particularly in the home, continues to trend as people are embracing co-living and using their living spaces for a plethora of activities, beyond just eating and sleeping.'

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He concludes by saying, 'The growing concern for environmental responsibility shows no signs of slowing in 2020, with consumers taking matters into their own hands through urban farming to reusable solutions.'

John Lewis predictions for 2020

1. Wallpaper on ceilings

wallpaper on ceiling with rolls

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

John Lewis & Partners say, 'The trend for bold home styling and statement wallpaper will reach new heights in 2020, with the ceiling set for a makeover.' Think outside the box of four walls for wallpaper, it's now five.

2. Life experience

2020 is set to be all about experiences. 'With the high street under more pressure than ever, experience is set to play an even more vital role when consumers “pop to the shops”. Transforming shops into destinations is high on the agenda for next year.'

Expert more in store experiences and interactive activities on the high street.

3. Cooking under pressure

white wall with pressure cooker and kitchen gadget

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

We're not talking about a competitive kind of pressure here. We're talking about the pressure cooker. This kitchen gadget of days gone by is set for a revival. 'Already hotting up in the States as a must-have kitchen gadget, it won’t be long before the UK’s stews, curries and risottos are being concocted under pressure.'

The pressure cooker will be joining currently trending cast iron dishes in kitchens for 2020.

4. Renters reign

It's forecast to be a renters market in 2020. With property prices soaring, The rental market will continue to boom as we see property prices spike.  As a result John Lewis predicts we see a growing number prioritising convenience and flexibility, especially when it comes to how they live and furnish their homes.

5. Smart homes

home office with stairway and laptop on desk with chair

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

'Following the rapid adoption of smart devices and voice assistants in the home and the expansion of 5G, we expect to see further integration of technology in the day to day objects we use.'

6. Crystal craze

Crystals and their healing powers are going mainstream, via candles. John Lewis & Partners say, 'We are soon to stock Australian brand Wicks and Stones, offering a choice of crystals that meet your wellbeing requirements, embedded in a beautiful scented candle.'

7. Daily chores done

From washing machines that auto-dose to robot hoovers home tech is soon to eliminate even more of our daily cleaning chores.

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Which of the trends will you be welcoming into your home first, in the new year?


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