This Lidl fire pit will keep you toasty this bank holiday weekend, and it’s an absolute bargain!

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Right now we're in weather limbo. One minute it's boiling, the next it's considerably chilly! We don't know where we stand from one day to the next. But one thing we do know for sure, us Brits will be outside whatever the weather because it's 'summer' and we are eternally optimistic! The arrival of the Lidl fire pit this weekend is perfectly timed to keep us warm whatever the weather.

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steel fire pit

(Image credit: Aldi)

This Thursday 22nd August, Lidl launches its new La Hacienda Serenity Steel Fire Pit, offering great value at £24.99 – that's 35 per cent cheaper than its RRP of £39.99, a sizzling saving of £15.

This simple yet stylish design promises to bring warmth, light and atmosphere to any evenings spent alfresco. It features a decorative bowl and a fire grate – so as well as keeping you cosy after dark, you can also use it to toast up some marshmallows. Definitely one of the best fire pits available this summer.

Or you could try one of our favourite tricks – take a banana, and, keeping the skin on, slice it down the middle as if you were making a banana split to form a pocket. Don't cut all the way through though! Next, fill the 'pocket' with a sliced up Mars Bar or chocolate buttons, then wrap the whole thing in foil to prevent the chocolate from seeping out. Toast on your fire pit for a couple of minutes until the chocolate melts. Unwrap and enjoy!

And if you're worried about safety, you can rest assured that the fire pit comes with a protective mesh lid and metal safety tool, although we always advise that you should never leave it unattended, especially when there are young children about!

In stores tomorrow: La Hacienda Serenity Steel Fire Pit, £24.99, Lidl

lidl fire pit

(Image credit: Aldi)

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The La Hacienda Serenity Steel Fire Pit is available in Lidl stores nationwide, whilst stocks last. But with a bargain this hot – in both senses of the word – we strongly suggest you get down to your local Lidl as soon as possible before they all sell out. You'll thank us later!

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