Is this Spanish furniture store the next IKEA? At Muebles LUFE, a bed costs less than £40

Say 'hola' to amazing value!

Call us the Simon Cowell of the interiors world, but the Ideal Home team is always on the look out for The Next Big Thing TM in homeware. And we think we may have found it in emerging Spanish furniture brand Muebles LUFE.

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Translated as 'LUFE Furniture', the online store is a sort-of cross between and IKEA, offering efficiently designed furniture at staggeringly cheap prices. It's got 'student digs' or 'first home' written all over it, although there are some pieces here that would tempt the most ardent design lover.

bedroom with book shelves and bed with pillows

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Now we know what you're thinking – how cheap is cheap? And does cheap mean 'falls apart in five seconds'? Well, firstly, we're talking single beds from around £36, bunk beds for £117, bookcases from £20 and trunks from £46.

Browse online: Testa double bed with slats, from approx £63, Muebles LUFE

And as for quality, you needn't worry. Everything is carefully designed and made in Gipuzkoa, northern Spain, using solid PEFC-certified pine from local forests. And for every tree that LUFE chops down, it plants a new one in its place.

kids room with white coloured cloth shelves

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To keep costs down, LUFE furniture (like IKEA's) comes flat-packed, which cuts the cost of shipping. The company is so eco, your furniture won't even come with printed instructions – to save paper, they're only available as downloadable PDFs.

However, there's no maze-like Ikea-style 'warehouse' to contend with, as LUFE doesn't have any physical stores. You simply order online, and your furniture will be shipped to you within a week. That is, if you live in Spain, as LUFE isn't YET available in the UK. Boo!

For those desperate to try before you buy, you can visit the factory showroom, where you're invited to 'lie down, sit down, measure, touch, and feel'.

bedroom with paintings on wall and bed with pillows

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Creative types will love that LUFE furniture comes in three finishes, including untreated polished wood, so you can add your choice of paint or stain. The other options are a Nordic white wash, and a natural varnish.

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They'll also appreciate the famed Nordic talent behind the creations. The chest of drawers with leather pull handles, above, is the brainchild of Dutch designer Silvia Ceñal – as is the coat rack reflected in the mirror. Called Cimas, its layered look is inspired by mountainous terrain.

Browse online: Raspa chest of drawers, around £90, Muebles LUFE
Browse online: Cimas hooks, around £18, Muebles LUFE

Fingers crossed LUFE is soon a household name in the UK. For now, we'll just have to wait – or invest in a Spanish holiday home...

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