This is what our dream home office looks like according to Instagram

We've found the magic formula

If your home office is in need of an overhaul there could be a secret magic formula to the perfect home office set up according to Instagram.

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Rated People looked at over 100 of the most stylish and most-liked home office designs on Instagram to discover the home office ideas each shared to identify our dream home office set up.

Considering that the study found a quarter of us are embarrassed by the background of our Zoom calls, nailing the perfect office setup is a top priority. 'Our environment can have such a huge impact on our health and happiness and sometimes even making the smallest of changes can reduce stress and lift your mood,' explains Adrienne Minster, CEO of Rated People.

Whether you're working in the corner of your bedroom or have a dedicated office read on for the magic formula to boost your home office appeal.

1. Fixed, simple shelves

working from home set up with work desk with chair computer on desk and lamp and shelves

(Image credit: Rated People)

A third of the Instagram posts analysed didn't feature any shelving, however, 35 percent opted for fixed-to-wall shelving. Sleek shelving is great for displaying decorative items you love, motivational quotes and photos of friends and family. Looking at your perfectly styled shelves will make all the difference during those 2.30pm slumps.

2. A framed print of the outdoors

working from home set up with work desk with chair books and framed print of the outdoors

(Image credit: Rated People)

34 percent of the Instagram home offices featured art on the wall, however, landscape art was by far the favourite. After a year of lockdowns, this one's a no-brainer. We want to feel like we're outside, and to be reminded of places we have visited that are special to us. A framed photograph of a landscape scene adds personality, colour and a point of interest.

3.White walls

working from home set up with white wall work desk with chair laptop and photo frame on white wall

(Image credit: Rated People)

According to the study, white is the ideal wall colour for your home office. Inject some colour with styling, from fresh flowers to artwork.

4. Two houseplants

working from home set up with work desk with chair and house plants

(Image credit: Rated People)

Having some greenery in our eyeline while working can make us feel calmer, so some house plants would also be a great addition to any workspace. Don't let us stop you at two, though.

3. Medium wood, bare floorboards

working from home set up with medium wood bare floorboards laptop and photo frame on wall

(Image credit: Future PLC/Polly Eltes)

Almost half of the Instagram posts showcased wooden floorboards. As well as being the perfect canvas in a home, apparently, simply looking at wood can lower our heart rates. An oval rug might help zone the desk area within an open-plan space, and keep your toes warm, too.

4. A wooden writing style desk with no drawers

working from home set up with wooden writing style desk with no drawers

(Image credit: Rated People)

The perfect Instagram home office isn't always going to be the most practical, with drawers not making it into the winning formula. However, a simple writing desk came out top for a reason.

While it's handy to have drawers to stow away documents and pens, a simple wooden desk like this is less imposing if you're working from a space that's also used for winding down at the end of the day.

5. A white, fabric, fixed leg chair

working from home set up white fabric fixed leg chair

(Image credit: Rated People)

The study concludes that a chic white chair is what we're all after. It's certainly more visually pleasing than the classic black swivel chair, but it's only a matter of time until there's an ink stain...

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Will you be taking inspiration from these home office features?

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