Disney arrives at Poundland! Fans will love these characterful new Disney tote bags

With 11 designs we're spoilt for choice. The question is, which one would you choose?
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  • Here at Ideal Home HQ we can not get enough of a decorative canvas shopper. It’s therefore no surprise we’re all cooing over these cute Disney tote bags.

    Since the plastic bag charge a reliable cotton bag has become a staple for doing the weekly shop. Most households will be armed with a few trusty canvas bags to do any manner of shopping in style.

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    These characterful Disney totes will cheer up any shopping trip…

    Disney Tote bags arrive at Poundland

    Disney tote bag

    Will you choose the original much-loved Disney icons, Micky and Minnie Mouse? In their signature red and yellow this bag is the most classic ‘Disney’ of all the designs.

    The instantly identifiable Disney characters add charm to an otherwise plain cotton shopper.

    The £1 bags are in UK stores nationwide from this week. Get yours while stocks last.

    Disney tote bag

    The collection features characters from a variety of Disney movies. From the 1992 animation we have have the Genie and his lamp, along with Aladdin, Princess Jasmine and Abu.

    One design proudly displays the Lion King himself Simba, from the 1994 Animated musical film The Lion King.

    On another we see Pocahontas, from her self-titled 1995 animated film.

    Disney tote bag

    Here’s Tink! This is one for fairy fans. But then again who doesn’t love the fun-spirited fairy Tinker Bell, from Walt Disney’s 1953 animation of Peter Pan?

    Disney tote bags

    The range has a number of adorable combos, with Dumbo alongside his Mother and Beauty and the Beast’s Chip and Mrs Potts.

    In conjunction with the new film we see Mary Poppins playing a leading role on one bag. For those with a more wicked side there’s a Cruella da Vil, from the 101 Dalmatians film.

    Disney tote bag

    This adorable totes is one celebrating friendship. The design shows Bambi and his best friend Thumper, the energetic rabbit. Bambi is one of Walt Disney’s earlier animated films, originally made in 1942.

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    Which one of these beautiful bargain tote bags will you choose?

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