Sellers are flogging the Poundland zebra vase for 10 times its original price on eBay

The new panther and giraffe vases are also in on the action

Interiors have never looked wilder than this year with giraffes and zebra's adorning our lamps, walls and side tables. Even our favourite budget shop got in on the action, launching the Poundland zebra Vase.

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The zebra vase was an instant hit when they launched in January. Shaped like a zebra's head, the kitsch vase was an absolute steal costing just £1. Now they have been joined by a sleek black panther vase and an elegant giraffe vase.

Poundland fans have been clamouring to get there hands on the new vases that could easily pass as high-end homeware.

Poundland Zebra vase

poundland zebra vase

(Image credit: Poundland)

Buy in-store: Zebra vase, £1, Poundland

However, if you think the vases bear a striking to the cute animal vases that have been popping up on eBay, that's because they are the same!

People on the selling site have been flogging the kitsch vases, originally priced at £1 for prices as high as £35. The scam was originally called out on the Facebook page Poundland Appreciation Society.

The Poundland super-fans spotted that one eBay seller was selling a set of all three vases  for a £35, not to mention an extra £3.49 for postage.

poundland panther vase

(Image credit: Poundland)

Buy in-store: Panther vase, £1, Poundland

'Even just the postage is more expensive than the price of all 3,' pointed out one incredulous shopper.

A quick search for animal vases on eBay brought up listings featuring the zebra, panther and giraffe vase being flogged for anything upward of £5.99.

We're not surprised that the stunning menagerie of vases has gone down a storm with shoppers with people happy to pay more than £1. However, the majority of eBay sellers cheekily failed to mention that the vases had originally come from Poundland.

poundland giraffe vase

(Image credit: Poundland)

If you're are itching to get your hands on one of the Poundland zebra vases or the other two, a spokesperson for Poundland has said that there are still plenty in store for £1.

Our personal favourite is the new adorable giraffe vase. How sweet will this look on a bedside table or on a book case in the living room.

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So, avoid being ripped off and get yourself to a Poundland soon.

Rebecca Knight
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