All the things you need to know about Poundland – some might surprise you!

We have all the intel on the best things to know about the discount retailer

Who doesn't love shopping at Poundland?! Fans of the discount store will know it's true value, but what they might not know are these secrets from behind the scenes. We've been doing our research to unearth the best attributes this bargain store has to offer.

Did you know for instance, more than ever before not everything is in fact £1 – some items are even cheaper!

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There's so much more to this store than the famous pound price tag...

Things to know about shopping at Poundland

1. Not everything is £1

The game of asking, 'How much is this' has had its day – as it no longer applies. Everything is not £1. Poundland is on a journey from a single price to a simple price point retailer.

While the majority of items are at its original £1 price point, the retailer is extending ranges above and below £1. It recently began trialling ranges at 50p and 75p!

2. The designers an in-house team

Poundland has their own in-house design team, across categories including homewares and stationery. It's not just a case of mass outsourcing and buying in large quantities – the team are at the heart of it designing own-brand products.

3. There's a new homeware range for autumn

grey wall and cactus

(Image credit: Poundland)

Said in-house team have been busy creating a new range of homewares for autumn. The collection of accessories includes luxury cocktail candles and smart storage solutions.

4. A few famous faces are big fans

We don't have visuals of some said stars in store but we have it on good authority from insiders of these celebrity Poundland fans. Those include superstar rapper Drake, actress Lacey Turner, ex TOWIE stars Jess Wright and Mario Falcone.

5. Elvis has not left the building...he's manning the tills

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The king of rock n roll was running the tills last September. Shoppers were amused/bemused by the voice of Elvis coming out at the self-service checkouts. Then for Christmas we had the voice of Santa. Who's next?

6. It's the best place to buy batteries

They sell all the random sizes that lots of stores don't cater for, and naturally they are the best price, too.

7. It stocks snacks galore

Poundland snacks, including favourites like the newly launched 300g popcorn bags, nut and Twin Peaks chocolate bars are some of its best-selling lines.

8. They sell an Instagramable inflatable for all

inflatable llama

(Image credit: Poundland)

We LOVED these! The giant unicorn, doughnut, and llama inflatables were some of Poundland’s best-sellers for summer 2019.

9. The DVD and CD collection is huge

Did you know they sell an extensive range of DVDs and CDs at only £1? They’re all refurbished, ‘as-good-as-new’ condition, giving 30 million items a new lease of life. This clever measure prevents many from ending up in the bin.

10. Bargains are celebrated by a Poundland Appreciation Society

Yes, yes it's true. There is a Poundland Appreciation Society on Facebook, where lovers of Poundland share their favourite best buys of the week! A great one to follow if you never want to miss a good find in stores.

11. Music sales are soaring

Poundland reports sales of CDs have grown over 70 per cent in the last year alone. The classic CD is far from dead at Poundland – music to our ears, as fans of nostalgia.

12. It writes the rule book when it come to stationery

The new back to school stationery range is competitively priced and set to rival that of its main rivals – the likes of Smiggle.

13. The Halloween offering is scarily vast

Excuse the pun, we couldn't resist! This year's Halloween range is set to be bigger and better than ever. The frighteningly huge range has over 200 products, suitable for both children and adults. We know where to head for our Halloween parties this year.

14. The shelves will be filled with festive cheer for Crimbo

Once the Halloween festivities are over the store will be filled with plentiful Christmas collections. This new range will consists of over 500 products and exclusive decorations.

15. The gardening range is blooming fantastic

Did you even know they catered for gardens? Perhaps you did. But were you aware that Poundland's outdoor and gardening range sells over 88 seasonal seeds and bulbs. We've even picked up £1 hanging baskets from the store.

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If you unearth any other hidden treasures, feel free to share them with us!


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