Take a break from the real world with Primark’s new true wireless headphones

They're music to our ears
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  • If you’re fed up of hearing the C********** word, the new Primark wireless headphones are just the thing to plug your ears with.

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    Part of Primark’s new wireless tech range, the headphones have combined our love of music and a good bargain. Available in three different styles, if you’re in the market for a pair of headphones under £22, Primark has the pair for you.

    The collection launches in stores in mid-April and will include wireless speakers and chargers as well as headphones. Let’s take a closer look at the collection.

    Primark wireless tech range

    True wireless earphones

    Primark wireless headphones 5

    These in-ear earphones are completely cable-free and look very similar to Apple AirPods, but are a fraction of the price.

    Priced at £22, the true wireless earphones come in a chargeable carry case. Each pair gives four hours of playback and has a charging time of 1.5 to 2 hours.

    Buy in-store: True wireless earphones, £22, Primark

    Wireless headphones

    Primark wireless headphones 2

    The wireless on-ear headphones are available in three versions. Each pair has over six hours playback time, and are foldable so can be slipped into your bag.

    The premium wireless headphones have an additional hour of playback time and a Bluetooth range of 25 metres. You can also opt for the wireless charging headphones that can be charged on a wireless charging pad.

    Buy in-store: Wireless headphones, £12, Primark

    Wireless earphones

    Primark wireless headphones 4

    These sleek little in-ear earphones are great if you like to hang your buds around your neck. They feature six hours playback and 10-metre Bluetooth range.

    There is also a handy magnetic feature that holds the buds together so they don’t tangle in your bag.

    Buy in-store: Wireless earphones, £8, Primark

    Fabric tab speaker

    Primark wireless headphones 3

    Your home is the place to set your music free… or at least play it out loud. Primark’s new wireless speakers come in four styles and a range of colours.

    However, our favourite is the fabric tab speaker. It offers six hours of playback time and includes a hands-free microphone. That means no running back and forth to change the volume or song.

    Buy in-store: Fabric tab speaker, £12, Primark

    Wireless charging pad

    Primark wireless headphones 1

    Buy in-store: Wireless charging pads, £12, Primark

    If you constantly find yourself running out of juice on the go, this charging pad is a godsend. The wireless pad has 10-watt power output and is equipped with Qi compatibility. Plus it costs just £12… we predict a sellout.

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    Will you be treating yourself to a new pair of headphones this weekend?

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