This £30 Primark bar cart is almost identical to one at Oliver Bonas… only £365 cheaper

Is it gin o'clock yet?
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  • If you’ve been itching to add a bar cart to your living room but were unable to justify the expense, you need to add this Primark bar cart to your shopping list, stat.

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    That’s right, Primark has brought out a bar cart just in time for Autumn. Not only is it gorgeous but it’s a dead ringer for Oliver Bonas’ Luxe round drinks trolley. Just without the £395 price tag.


    The Primark bar cart is priced at an incredible £30! That is £365 less than the Oliver Bonas version. Just think of how much extra gin you could buy to kit out your new trolley with for that amount of money!

    Primark bar cart

    Primark bar cart 1

    In stores from mid-October: Bar cart, £30, Primark

    The Primark bar cart has a gorgeous gold circular design that wouldn’t look out of place at a Great Gatsby party. The two glass shelves are the perfect place to store your favourite drinks and tipples and stir/shake up a few martinis.

    With built-in wheels and a lovely gold handle, this cart can easily be wheeled over to your guests when cocktail hour hits. However, we can guarantee this Primark bar cart will elicit more compliments than your cocktail-making skills.

    Oliver Bonas bar cart

    What sets the Oliver Bonas and Primark bar cart apart other than the price tag, is the detail. The Oliver Bonas version features a mixture of marble and two burnished mirrored shelves. The shelves are set inside two gold hoops, designed to resemble delicate sticks of bamboo.

    Primark bar cart 2

    Buy now: Luxe Round Bamboo Drinks Trolley, £395, Oliver Bonas

    There is no doubt that this bamboo trolley will add a glamorous lift to your living room, however, if you’re working with a budget the Primark bar cart is a winner for us.

    The Primark bar cart launches in stores the week starting the 13th October, so keep your eyes peeled at your local Primark.

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    We predicted this cart will disappear faster than a gin and tonic on a Friday afternoon.

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