Would you shell out for Sheldon Cooper’s pad? Jim Parsons’ house is up for sale

The Californian property is on the market for £6.9million. Bazinga indeed!

The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper might be more interested in theoretical physics and comic books, but it seems the actor that plays him has more of an eye for interiors. That's judging by Jim Parsons' house in Los Feliz, California, which has just gone on sale for a cool £6.9million ($9million). When you see the place you'll see exactly why it has such a premium price tag!

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Jim parsons house

(Image credit: Pacific Union International)

Told you! This hacienda-style property is truly breathtaking, I'm sure you'll agree. Built in 1922, it was 'one of the first homes built in the gentle rolling hills above Los Feliz', according to agents Pacific Union International. Its previous owner was none other than Robert Pattinson, who lived here with Kristen Stewart at the height of their Twilight fame.

stairs with carpet runner

(Image credit: Pacific Union International)

The house is entered through double doors – we wonder how many 'comedians' have tried the old *knock-knock-knock* 'Jim!', *knock-knock-knock* 'Jim!', *knock-knock-knock* 'Jim!' gag over the years. They lead through to a bright hallway, neutrally decorated save for the jacquard stair runner and striking modern artwork.

living room with sofa set

(Image credit: Pacific Union International)

Turn right from the hallway and you enter this grand sitting room. We wonder which of these seats is Sheldon's spot? We'd make a beeline for that petrol-coloured velvet sofa.

home library with velvet sofa

(Image credit: Pacific Union International)

There's also this cosy snug, also with a bold velvet sofa. Jim has been brave with his colour choices but we think it's really paid off, particularly this juxtaposition of mustard, blue and lipstick red. It's a colour theme that runs like a thread through the house.

room with wooden flooring and drawer table

(Image credit: Pacific Union International)

In the kitchen, the blue gives way to an equally deep and sophisticated emerald green. A stack of recipe books suggests Jim is a keen cook – although we wonder if, like Sheldon, he orders Chinese every Friday night.

dining area with red wall and dining table

(Image credit: Pacific Union International)

The next-door dining room has direct access to the garden and its tropical planting.

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bedroom with double bed and armchair

(Image credit: Pacific Union International)

There are no Star Wars sheets to be seen in the classy master bedroom, which Jim shares with husband Todd Spiewak. We wonder if they have a room-mate agreement?! We'd love to wake up in this room, and take breakfast on the adjoining balcony. Though it would have to be oatmeal on Mondays...

bathroom with golden bathtub

(Image credit: Pacific Union International)

An arched doorway behind the bed leads to this master bathroom with statement Cooper – sorry - copper bath!

guestroom with single beds

(Image credit: Pacific Union International)

This is one of two guest bedrooms. We're sure a lullaby of 'Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty' is available on request!

swimming pool

(Image credit: Pacific Union International)

Perhaps the most impressive part of the house is its grounds. The property is set in a 63,000 sq ft, exquisitely landscaped hillside plot, with a terrace, free-form swimming pool, cascading water features, a fountain and koi pond.

garden area

(Image credit: Pacific Union International)

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We're not quite sure of the 'Theory' behind the sale – we'd find it very hard to tear ourselves away from such a fabulous home. But given Jim makes more than $1million per episode, perhaps he's after an even grander home on which to make his mark.

If this place is anything to go by, it's going to look out of this world.

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