Sofa company Snug launches first sofa prenup

It might sound bonkers, but it could be a very wise move

The sofa is a key piece of furniture in the home, as anyone who's moved into an unfurnished flat will know. If you and your partner or housemate are on the hunt for the best sofa, Snug gives you the chance to sign a ‘prenup’. From the off, you know who will have the sofa if things don't work out, saving disputes down the line.

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The ‘sofa in a box’ company is the first to offer a contract to set out in writing exactly what will happen to the sofa in the event of a break-up or fallout.

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While it might sound overly official at first, it could be a very smart move. According to Snug’s research, 40% of us said things have got 'messy' when we’ve tried to split items. The specific issue of 'who keeps the sofa' causes the most arguments of all when dividing up possessions. 18% of people surveyed said it has been the biggest item of contention in a break-up. It even trumped the TV, car, and bed. This is just how attached we are to our couches. 

Snug hopes that the legal document will save arguments over who gets to keep the new Cloud Sundae sofa if things turn sour. It seems all the more necessary given some of the things we've admitted to doing post-breakup, including changing the Netflix logins and stealing the lightbulbs. 

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Former Love Island star Chris Hughes is the face of the 'sofa prenup' service. The TV presenter has had his fair share of high-profile break-ups and plays the lead role in the promo video. ‘Things don't always go to plan in relationships, and I should know,’ says Chris Hughes. ‘Dividing up possessions can be difficult, and this service will genuinely help people avoid arguments.’

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Snug's sofa prenup

pre nuptial agreement form

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So if things don’t go to plan, the prenup will save arguments over who clings on. Hopefully, you won't need to use it at all.

Would you sign a sofa prenup?

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