Have you seen popular new garden trend DIY fans are going ‘nuts’ for?

*Immediately starts to saw wood scraps to begin building a bench*
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  • This new garden trend just might be the most wholesome thing we’ve ever seen. As many of us fortunate enough to have gardens have been spending more time in them, we’ve seen quirky new DIY garden projects emerging. The painted patio is certainly up there as the most ambitious on-trend idea, and for good reason – we’ve seen some amazing patio transformations.

    But not all emerging garden trends have been on such a large-scale. In fact our favourite of them all is small… miniature in fact. The nation have been busy making squirrel picnic tables. Seriously, how cute is that as a notion?

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    Trending: Squirrel picnic table

    squirrel picnic bench

    Image credit: Travis Lindquist / Getty Images

    A few offcuts of wood are all you need to fashion one of the mini trending tables. We’d suggest constructing the DIY table using non-toxic wood glue, just to ensure there’s no danger of the nails harming the little diners.

    Cuteness overload. This little squirrel even has the luxury of dining under a mini parasol.

    We are loving the attention to detail with this fine example of a mini picnic table. The mini vase of flowers and the chic grey bowls – this is styling perfection, those lucky squirrels.

    β€˜πŸ˜ how cute is this little table!’ exclaim this Instagram user. VERY is the answer.

    This squirrel knows how to live life! Incidentally this account is pure gold for watching this little chap in the wild doing brilliant ‘human’ things.

    This follower confesses to be ‘obsessed’ with the notion of the squirrel garden table.

    There’s just something so cute about the way these benches invite the squirrels to sit upright and eat their grub, just as we would. Inviting wildlife into the garden has never been so enjoyable, as homeowners sit and watch the squirrels feast in style.

    Where can I buy a squirrel picnic table?

    Etsy squirrel picnic table

    Image credit: Etsy

    For those that don’t fancy making their own needn’t miss out, you can buy one of the adorable tables.

    Buy now: Squirrel Picnic Table, Β£10, Etsy

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    Will you be building a bench for your local bushy tailed neighbours?

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